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How I Could Just Kill A Dimension

Carter isn't around to seek out Henry's help, so Curtis does it instead. They look through Drechmeyer's journals to see if there's anything in there that'll help stop all that crap from flying around town. Curtis says that before Drechmeyer starting looking for spirits, their research involved vibratory P-brane manipulation. What! Why are they doing that? Leave the P-branes alone! I can understand Johnson trying to travel between dimensions, but to tease the P-branes with subatomic vibrations? That's just mean and useless. Just talking about it gives Curtis and Henry the idea that perhaps it isn't spirits causing inanimate objects to fly around town, but the result of some shaken P-branes. With that, a pile of tires falls over and Henry decides that his garage full of dangerous crap is not the best place to be. He also knows someone who works with P-branes and might be able to help. [Not having to work and getting everything for free seems a lot less fun when the town you live in is trying to kill you every week, either by earthquakes or bacteria or gravity spikes or P-branes. - Z]

The 5-D Three have made it back to Johnson's lab and are working on the panel. Well, Tess and Johnson are working on it. Carter has the sense to stay away. Johnson isn't too thrilled with the fact that Tess is "helping" by noting that his oscillations seem steep or whatever. "Why do you have such a problem with me?" Tess asks, as if now is really the time to resolve personal issues. "The whole scientific community has a problem with you," Johnson says. Well, Johnson, if the whole scientific community jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too? Be a leader, not a follower. Tess asks why that is, because she disproved some theory full of big words or told some other scientific muckety-muck that he needed a new toupee. I wasn't there for it, but that sounds like Tess was being very rude. And what's her deal with people's hair? When she isn't commenting on people's bald spots, she's making fun of their toupees. "I'm working here!" Johnson says, exasperated. Seriously, one thing this show doesn't need is someone else who talks too much. Tess decides to leave Johnson alone and stands back with Carter, who admires her straight-talking, toupee-decrying ways. When she mentions Fenway stadium and says she's a Red Sox fan, Carter is in love. Until she calls him a "regular person." "I believe she just insulted you, Sheriff," Johnson says. "That's okay," Carter says. No, it's really not.

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