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How I Could Just Kill A Dimension

In the fifth dimension, Tess and Carter are standing over the crispy remains of Johnson. Carter notes that the way Johnson's body went sliding off the pad and across the floor indicates that she didn't park her car in the middle of the road in the beginning of the episode. He's finally realized that cars don't just skid sideways without being pushed by a waving P-brane. That gives Tess the realization she needed to figure out the correct re-entry calibrations: P-branes move sideways. Johnson didn't take that into account when he programmed the re-entry pad, but Tess will. As for Carter, he needs to somehow stop Henry and Curtis from turning Johnson's machines off to give Tess more time to make the calibrations. Carter runs over to do that, only to realize that he has no way of interacting with the third dimension.

Fargo enters the room to inform Allison that the GD helicopter has flown away in all the P-brane disturbances. What? NO!!! I am really going to miss seeing that thing in every GD establishing shot. Henry orders Fargo to help them. "Come on, Sheriff! Do something!" Tess says. But she won't say what, and he has no idea. Meanwhile, stuff is flying around Johnson's lab, so all non-essential personnel (ahem Allison ahem) might want to skedaddle. Or at least wear a helmet. Fargo checks out a computer screen that shows that the P-brane wave is growing and spreading across town, just to raise the stakes. As if losing Carter wasn't enough! "Henry, push the button!" Allison says. He won't until they're ready, and Allison should know better than to ask. Why must she suck so much this season? I swear she used to be cool.

Carter gets an idea. He grabs the re-entry pad (brave -- I wouldn't touch that thing after what it did to Johnson) and puts it behind Allison. He asks Tess to switch it back to the light setting she had it on in Drechmeyer's lab and he'll get through to Allison. "She can't see or hear you," Tess says. "She can feel me," Carter says. He just has to shake the P-brane the right way. Also, Allison has to realize that tingly teeth mean Carter is in the fifth dimension. Kind of a leap, but I've seen worse. Tess turns the platform on and Carter steps on it and starts whispering in Allison's ear. Allison tells Henry to hurry because she's feeling hot, as if her comfort is a more pressing issue than the fact that there are computer monitors flying across the room with deadly force. Carter tells Allison to stop Henry. Allison feels something, but doesn't know what. It's enough for her to tell Henry to stop turning the machines off. He thinks she's having some kind of pregnancy issue and runs to her side to help her walk. "She felt me!" Carter says, as amazed as we are that he and Allison still have some kind of connection after all the writers have done to tear them apart. While Curtis continues to work to shut down the machines, Allison puts things together and says that she sent Tess and Carter down to S5 hours ago and hasn't seen them since. She has no idea why that's important to mention, but she knows they can't turn the machines off until they find Carter and Tess. It would have been kind of funny if she had added "even though I find Tess to be annoying and lame," just because I always love it in invisibility episodes when the invisible/other dimension person hears people talking about him or her.

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