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How I Could Just Kill A Dimension

Tess puts the re-entry pad back on top of the entry pad and actually praises Carter for doing something right. Fargo speaks up to let everyone know that the P-brane wave is, of course, expanding and starting to threaten the rest of the West Coast. Henry thinks that's enough reason to shut the P-brane wave-causing machines down as quickly as possible and even Allison has to admit that the lives of everyone on the West Coast are slightly more valuable than those of Tess and Carter. She gives the order to turn the machines off. "Crap!" Carter says. He asks Tess if she's done with the calibrations yet, and Tess wastes precious seconds to dramatically announce that she is. They step on the pad and turn it on just as Henry turns the machines off.

On Main Street, things stop flying. The fruit stand is safe! And also, the people. Jo is still standing in the middle of the road and trying to avoid flying objects. Her reaction to the fact that they are no longer flying is just an exasperated "What the--?" I love her.

GD establishing shot! Oh no! The helicopter is indeed gone! There's the helipad, lost and alone, with no helicopter on it. Down in Johnson's lab, the machines are off and Fargo reports that the P-brane wave is dissipating. But where are Carter and Tess? They didn't appear on the entry pad. Are they dead? Stuck in the fourth dimension? That would be such a bummer ending. As everyone just gets up and leaves the lab a total mess, Allison's phone rings. Sure enough, it's Carter on the other end. He lives! Oh, but so does Tess. They re-entered the third dimension at the road where they first met. Tess's impossible skid marks are still there. "We're gonna need a ride," Carter says. And soon -- they are far from a bathroom, and you know Tess is going to have to go any second now. Tess says she'll be getting a Nobel Prize for this, so I guess it all worked out very well for her that poor Johnson's crispy bones are still smoking in the fifth dimension.

Duncan is getting ready to head out to Belize. He promises to send Fargo pictures, because they're friends now. Lexi tells Fargo to go away so she can talk to Duncan. He wishes her and Fargo good luck together. "Thanks, Duncan!" Fargo says, really getting into this. Someone has a little man-crush on Duncan, I think. And Duncan had better watch out, because that someone has a girlfriend who can and will switch bodies. "You were the one," Duncan tells Lexi. That finally gets her to admit the truth. Starting with the fact that she was lying. "I am a big lying liar, and you're perfect, and I don't deserve you," Lexi says. It's true! Duncan seems to have known all along that there was something else going on, and says he's ready to hear it. Lexi says she isn't dating Fargo and she missed Duncan every day. Duncan is happy to hear this for several reasons, one of which is that he thinks Fargo is gay. Poor Fargo just stands at the Café Diem counter and waits for Lexi to defend his heterosexuality. It doesn't happen. Lexi's on a truth-telling roll here, so she says she has something else to say that she was holding back because she was afraid Duncan would freak out. But now she realizes that the only person freaking out was her. Well, it's about time Lexi had something resembling human emotions. With that, Lexi lifts up her shirt to reveal a pregnant belly. Duncan appears to be happy, but that might just be because the actor has a mouth full of teeth and can't help but show them constantly. Lexi says they're having twins and asks Duncan what he thinks. "I'm gonna have to think about this," he says. I'm waiting for him to take one second to "think" about it before saying that he's overjoyed and ready to start a family, so I'm fairly surprised when he picks up his bag and leaves Café Diem without another word. Lexi is devastated. I guess she was right not to want to tell him after all.

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