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How I Could Just Kill A Dimension

Carter stops by Allison's office. He asks if she's busy, and of course she isn't. She exposits that Drechmeyer and Curtis will be taking over Johnson's lab and his research, and that they're getting along much better now. Hooray for characters we barely know resolving their personal differences! Carter asks Allison about the signal he heard her talk to Henry about and the fact that she brought someone to GD from SETI and put her in charge of a secret project in Carter's least favorite section. It all smacks of ALIENS! Allison says she can't talk to him about any of this, although that didn't stop her and Henry from talking about it in front of Fargo before. I still don't get how government secrets work on this show. Carter says she doesn't have to say anything for him to know that something is coming, and he'll be waiting for her to tell him what.

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