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How I Could Just Kill A Dimension

When Carter arrives at GD, Allison is all, "Took you long enough." Why is everyone being such a dick today? Allison needs his help because one of her employees is driving her crazy, which is not a criminal matter. I really think the people of this town take advantage of Carter, especially Allison. We finally meet the two dueling scientists: a man who has put crime-scene-esque tape that he made himself across the doorway to his lab and a woman who insists on being allowed entry. Allison says the man is Dr. Drechmeyer, a theoretical physicist recently turned typical crazy GD scientist. He thinks he's discovered a paranormal disturbance in his lab, and so has locked his partner, the woman he's fighting with over entry into it, out. The woman, Dr. Curtis, can't do any work on their projects, and Dr. Drechmeyer won't work because he's obsessed with finding the source of his paranormal disturbance, and it's all on Carter to do something about it.

Carter introduces himself to Dr. Drechmeyer, who introduces him to a handheld device with a glowing green light on it that detects something called "T.I.R.D.s" (Thermal Imaging Reactive Displacement). Of course, when said aloud, it sounds like "turds." Drechmeyer thinks their presence is evidence of the spirit world. Curtis thinks they're going to lose their funding because Drechmeyer won't let her in to do a magnetic field test; Drechmeyer says it could scare his ghosts away. Carter tells Drechmeyer that Curtis is allowed to enter her own lab, and he'll have to look for TIRDs somewhere else. Drechmeyer can't believe that anyone wouldn't believe his evidence of a glowing green device.

Lexi stops by the Sheriff's station to show off her new shirt to Jo. When the shirt is on, it totally conceals Lexi's pregnant belly. When she lifts it up off her stomach, the pregnancy returns. How does Lexi know that the shirt doesn't contain all kinds of crazy radiation that she is now exposing her babies to? It's only in the beta-testing stages! And all for the sake of vanity, which is stupid anyway because it's not like anyone looks at a pregnant woman and thinks she's obese. Anyway, Jo pretends to be excited for Lexi and probably wonders why Lexi is bothering her when she's trying to do her job, since, unlike Lexi, Jo is employed. And here's a chance to do her job right now, as a security alert pops up on her computer screen. Jo decides to ask Lexi about the babies' father instead of investigating, asking his name (Duncan) and job (World Health Organization doctor, "saving the world one malaria-ridden tsetse fly at a time," Lexi says. Apparently, the malaria-ridden mosquitoes are someone else's job) and then informing Lexi that he just arrived in Eureka. Not only that, but he just walked right on into the Sheriff's office and is standing behind Lexi as they speak.

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