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How I Could Just Kill A Dimension

Carter heads for Henry's garage to get a logical explanation for what happened at Café Diem. Also, a sandwich. Yeah, I wouldn't eat at Café Diem for a while after what just happened, either. Henry comes up with the Casimir Effect, but since that's already been featured on Lost, it's not going to be what's going on here. Also, way to spell Ever Carradine's name wrong in the credits. I'm pretty sure there are two R's there, unless she's spelling it differently so as to distance herself from a certain uncle who died in a most embarrassing way, which I would completely understand. Anyway, the gist of what Henry's saying is that it's possible someone is using magnets to make it appear that objects can move of their own accord.

Carter reports to GD to talk to Dr. Curtis about magnets. She thinks he's accusing her of messing with Drechmeyer and immediately denies it, saying she wouldn't waste her time and energy on the man and also didn't think of it first. Carter senses that Curtis and Drechmeyer are more than just partners, and it's true: they used to be husband and wife, but his obsession with the paranormal drove her away. And now he's gotten worse, Curtis says. Carter wonders if she isn't trying to discredit her ex to take over the entire project, but Curtis points out that with Drechmeyer acting like this, her work is being discredited, too. She just wants to move on. Check out Curtis with all this rational maturity! Could she really work at GD?

Tess watches Carter and Curtis in the lobby from Allison's office. "He's not on your level," she says to Allison. Allison thinks Tess is talking about Carter's intelligence, but she's talking security clearance. Apparently, Tess is not in town for a friendly visit, but to work as a brilliant scientist consultant for GD, her true purpose known only to Allison, two guys named Wolf and Johnson, and Henry, for some reason. Apparently, they're all brilliant astrophysicists. Well, except for Allison.

Zoe and Vince got Café Diem cleaned up enough to serve customers again, and Duncan and Lexi stop by for coffee like the place didn't just attack itself. Can no one exercise caution in this town? Zoe puts down the coffee mugs and takes a step behind Duncan to mouth to Lexi that he is gorgeous and draw a heart behind his head. Duncan is attractive, Zoe, but he could also be your future uncle, so you might want to hose down the hormones there. Duncan tells Lexi that she looks "incredible" and is "glowing." Lexi almost slips and says something about pregnancy glows, but stops herself in time. She exposits that Duncan knew where to find her because she wrote to ask him to send her her stuff just to clutter up Eureka (and Eureka) with more of her crap. Duncan says he wanted to see her again and clearly still has feelings for her, referencing the time when they spent an entire week having sex near Victoria Falls, which actually doesn't sound fun at all. I mean, at first, maybe. But an entire week? And with the spray of the falls getting all over you all the time? That's a recipe for chafing disaster. Zoe overhears it, but doesn't seem at all grossed out at the thought of her aunt having a sex life. Lexi says the time they spent together was fun, but that doesn't mean they know each other very well. Duncan correctly points out that she hasn't given him much of a chance to get to know him by running away to the other side of the world. Lexi still won't admit that she's pregnant. Zoe can't believe the terrible example her aunt is setting for her. Duncan asks if there's another guy, and Lexi is happy to have an excuse. "Tell him!" Zoe mouths to Lexi, who ignores her sage advice. "I appreciate your honesty," Duncan says. But when he stands up and Zoe hurriedly turns around, he suspects that something is up and insists on meeting the other man. Damn, I was hoping he would just leave and this storyline could be over.

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