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How I Could Just Kill A Dimension

After the break, Carter apparently feels confident that his office won't erupt in poltergeist activity again and is restoring it to the way it looked before inanimate objects decided to flings themselves at the walls. Jo and Henry help out while Drechmeyer runs tests, pleased as punch that the spirits came after he summoned them. Carter points out that they didn't come to Café Diem, where they were supposedly summoned to, but Drechmeyer doesn't think the fact that his ghosts have a poor sense of direction should be held against him and his now proven research. "The Drech-Man is back in business!" he cries victoriously. Doesn't GD have a policy that anyone who calls himself "(first syllable of last name)-Man" is automatically redacted? They should. In fact, Henry seems to be considering making it a new town law as Drechmeyer takes off without even helping to clean up the mess he thinks his research helped make.

Carter wants more ideas as to how this could have happened. Henry has a few, but Jo is starting to think Drechmeyer was right all along. Maybe Drechmeyer inherited his mother's gift for communicating with the dead. I am very disappointed in you right now, Jo. Carter tells her to stop thinking that way and asks Henry if the Casimir Effect could have caused this. Henry says for something of this magnitude to happen, there would need to be a localized focusing device. As he says this, Carter finds a small box with a blinking light.

By the time Carter arrives in Allison's office with Drechmeyer and Curtis in attendance, there are many more of those boxes. He puts them down in front of Drechmeyer and says he found them all over town and wants an explanation. Drechmeyer calls them energy displacement sensors, there to record disturbances in the barrier between the living and spiritual world, not cause them. Allison objects to Drechmeyer placing quantum something or others outside GD without permission, as if anything that happens inside GD is really a secret to anyone anymore. Duncan is writing about it on his blog as we speak. Drechmeyer has a very good reason for not asking Allison for permission: she would have said no. And apparently people can just waltz in and out of GD with top secret and forbidden material as they please. Real tight ship you run, there, Allison. Carter asks Drechmeyer if this is for scientific research or to prove that his mother wasn't a fraud. Drechmeyer assumes that his ex-wife gave Carter this theory. She doesn't deny it and says that one of their biggest marital issues was the fact that the "other woman" in their relationship was Drechmeyer's dead mother. Yeah, that is a problem. Allison doesn't want to hear any more about it because she's Allison, not Dear Abby. She suspends Drechmeyer indefinitely. Curtis speaks up to defend her weirdo ex, saying that the boxes are just receivers that she herself made and in no way could be responsible for what happened at Café Diem or in the Sheriff's station. Drechmeyer sincerely thanks her for this, and she folds her arms in disgust. He thinks that since a sane person defended him, he's un-suspended and can go back to work. He leaves with his devices, saying that all the activity he's seen in the past three days tells him that something is definitely out there. "His mother was a drama queen, too," Curtis sighs. Oh, Curtis -- he was his mother! I saw the picture! Lots of disturbing stuff going on in that storyline.

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