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How I Could Just Kill A Dimension

Carter gets a chance to talk to Allison alone, and says he doesn't completely doubt Drechmeyer's story. Well, after nearly being crushed by a desk that moves of its own accord, I can see how he might feel that way. He doesn't believe in ghosts, he says to Allison's rolling eyes, but the fact that all of this stuff started three days ago leads him to believe that something happened at GD that's somehow causing all of this. Because that's how it happens every episode. Except for the ones involving Tesla High School science fairs. Allison admits that something did happen three days ago: "we re-opened Section 5." Hooray!!! Remember when Section 5 was open and the episodes were good and stuff? I sure do because I watched a bunch of them last weekend. I called it the Stark Memorial Marathon in Memoriam. Carter is not quite so pleased at the news: "I hate that section!" he says. Hee.

Carter follows Allison down into the lobby and talks loudly about the new re-opened Section 5 which was supposed to be confidential. This is why people don't tell him things. He's sure the TIRDs and S5 being open are no coincidence. Allison leads him into the elevator for a trip back down to S5 and a tour of the new projects going on down there. Or rather, she's going to hand Carter off to someone else who will tell him this stuff because she's too busy to do it herself. Except what's she busy doing besides calling Carter all the time? I guess she can't do that if he's next to her. That someone else, Allison tells Carter, is the new head of S5. And, of course, it's Tess. Carter is not happy to see her. I hope, for everyone in S5's sake, that the place has plenty of bathrooms, or else a lot of people's stuff is going to get peed on. Allison hands Carter off to Tess, explaining that he's looking into the possible connection between S5 being open and stuff flying around town. There is clearly tension between Tess and Carter, although I still can't figure out why, since, again, her car was parked very wrong and he was more than kind not to give her a ticket for it. "Play nice," Allison says. They'd better not be building Tess up to be a new rival for Carter like Stark was, because there is no replacing Stark with anyone except Stark. Why won't he come back? Also, since this is a female there's bound to be sexual tension. Remember when Carter used to have that with Allison? Sigh.

Meanwhile, Lexi whines to Zoe about the tough situation she's in that she totally created for herself. Zoe doesn't have much sympathy, asking Lexi why she insists on lying to Duncan and not telling him she's pregnant. "Duncan is a nomad, and I'm liking the idea of settling down here with you guys. I can't do that to him," Lexi says. Okay, first of all? Stop pretending that this is about Duncan's feelings or well-being, because not telling a man that he's about to be the father of two babies is much more cruel than giving him the option of abandoning the carefree, world-traveler lifestyle you're assuming he thrives on. Second of all, please stop liking the idea of settling down in Eureka, because I want you off the show tout de suite. Although I can't really blame her for wanting to stay. If I had the chance to live somewhere where everything was paid for and I apparently didn't have to get a job, I'd do it. Anyway, here comes Duncan. Zoe takes off, and Duncan immediately notices that Lexi is wearing the same shirt she wore yesterday. What guy notices stuff like that? Anyway, Lexi is stuck wearing that shirt every day Duncan's around because it hides her pregnant belly. Duncan assumes that Lexi didn't have a change of clothes after staying at her boyfriend's house last night and then asks to meet the guy. Lexi appears to be on the verge of telling him the truth when she spots Fargo walking towards them and decides she'd rather just lie that he's her boyfriend. Fargo plays along to the best of his ability, although he's obviously confused. But Duncan doesn't come across as the sharpest knife in the drawer so he buys with it. He asks Fargo about his work, and Fargo has no problem telling him about his artificial intelligence and biotech stuff, even though I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be classified information. Duncan finds it fascinating, and is soon inviting Fargo to join him and Lexi for breakfast so he can find out more. Zoe stops by to make a snarky comment about how this is what her aunt gets for lying: a really boring breakfast with two eggheads.

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