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How I Could Just Kill A Dimension

After the break, Tess has decided not to answer Carter's question in favor of asking him questions about what it felt like to have Fargo walk through him. His answers are unsatisfactory, so Tess decides to try it for herself. I'd laugh if she ended up being solid and got bumped into. But no, she's walked through just like Carter was. "We can't physically interact with anything in here!" she announces. Well, no -- except for the floor you're standing on. How does that work, exactly? Tess is so excited about having one of the universe's secrets revealed to her that she doesn't think about how much living that secret is going to suck. Carter, of course, hasn't met a universe secret that didn't cause him all kinds of problems, so he's a little bit annoyed. "We could be dead!" he says again. Tess hugs him. "If we can feel each other, how can we be dead?" she reasons. Um, because you're both dead? I mean, obviously. That's how it always worked on the cancelled-too-soon sitcom Nearly Departed, where a ghost couple refused to leave their house when new owners moved in. Living people could walk right through them, but they could touch each other. Clearly this is one of the universal rules of being a ghost. Tess says that there would also be a bunch of fellow dead people walking around. That does actually make sense. Considering the ridiculously high mortality rate at GD, that place should be haunted up the wazoo. To prove this, Tess calls out for any dead people to come forward and meet them in the rotunda. Oh, that's what the GD lobby area is called? A rotunda? I'm going to use that more often. Tess has proven herself useful to me after all. Carter asks if this could be something having to do with the Casimir Effect Henry told him about. But since it's Carter, he calls it the "cashmere effect." "Over-paying for a sweater?" Tess says. Carter is not amused. Tess babbles for a while until Carter tells her to just figure out what happened to them and try to fix it already. "I have no idea," Tess says, looking worried for the first time. I guess the novelty of learning a universe secret just wore off.

Carter and Tess get back in the elevator and head down to S5. There are others on board with them, and Tess enjoys talking about them all without them being able to hear her. "You talk a lot," Carter says. I'm kind of enjoying the fact that he's just as annoyed with her crappy personality and defective social skills as she is with his lack of a genius IQ. They de-elevator at S5, having been lucky enough to hitch a ride with one of the few GD employees who has access to the place, and do some more verbal sparring in the hall on the way back to that lab. Apparently, Tess finds being distracted by small talk to be integral to her thought process. So she should fit in pretty well here.

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