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Bowling For Goop

In Allison's office, she's trying to talk to the general on the phone when Lexi walks right on in. Good. Maybe the general can give Allison a lecture about secrecy and discretion. And then he can lecture Lexi on interrupting phone conversations. But no, Allison finishes her call with the general and Lexi hands her the ice cream. Allison immediately cancels their yoga class together because she has a real job and is needed there. Lexi looks all put out, so Allison asks if she's okay because they're friends or whatever. Lexi tells her about Duncan being in town and how he's so great at everything that she would never want him to change for the sake of her and their children. That's still not a good reason not to allow him to be a part of their lives, Lexi. Allison says that children do change things, but it's mostly for the better. She doesn't regret having a kid, but acknowledges that it's difficult being a parent and running GD at the same time. Except that it really isn't, since she never, ever spends any time with Kevin, who probably doesn't even live there anymore. Allison's only regret is that the fathers of her children aren't around to share parenthood with her. Actually, she only says that about Stark. Apparently she's okay with Kevin's father being dead.

Henry arrives at GD to close off their pipes so Spot won't be able to access the rest of the town. Tess says that's fine, but what happens if Spot comes back up through another drain at GD? Carter says he seemed to scare it away when he encountered it before, to which Tess snickers that he's not that intimidating. Oh no, Tess? Try messing with Zoe and see how scary Carter can be then. More importantly, she adds, single-celled micro-organisms don't get scared. Henry says Spot isn't leaving a trace of radiation for them to be able to track it. Doesn't he leave green slime all over the place, though? Can't they track it that way? Carter suggests they try to lure Spot to them instead.

Lexi runs into Duncan in a GD hallway. He wants to talk, but Lexi is still being a weirdo about this and says there's nothing left to say. How about "I'm suing for joint custody?" He could say that. Apply some mineral mask to your back and grow a spine, Duncan. Lexi says that there are plenty of people in the world for Duncan to save, and she's not one of them. What about her kids, who studies have shown will be better off if they grow up with two parents? (Not like they're doomed if they're raised by a single mother or anything, of course. Unless that single mother is Lexi.) She leaves for her yoga class with tears in her eyes, but I don't feel sorry for her at all.

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