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Bowling For Goop

And finally, the bowling match. It's the last frame of the game, and Fargo's first throw ends in the dreaded 7-10 split. Henry play-by-plays that Fargo needs the spare for GD to beat Area 51. Zoe, Lexi and Duncan are in the crowd, as is Jo, who looks pretty bored. Carter walks up and says he thought Lexi and Duncan left already. HOORAY!!!! She IS leaving! Zoe and Carter say they'll miss her, because they're being polite. Lexi threatens to visit, but she'd better not. Or at least do it off-camera. Apparently Jo really is into this game, as she snaps at the Carters to shut up so she can watch. Looking very cool in slow-motion (since everyone does), Fargo kisses his ball and bowls. He throws it straight down the middle, much to Bismarck and the Area 51 extras' delight. But then the ball splits in two and its halves knock over a pin each for the spare. Apparently, this is legal, as Henry pronounces Team GD the winners and Bismarck, ever the good sport, claps for them. He even shakes Fargo's hand and says he played a good game. He walks off, and Carter congratulates Fargo on cheating to win and for not playing any more pranks, thereby making Carter's life easier. It turns out Carter spoke too soon, as Bismarck suddenly screams Fargo's name, and we see that he and the rest of his team are bright red. I hope Area 51 wins next year.

Oh, and in story arc land, Allison and Tess are still trying to find the source of the signal. They weren't able to get an image due to the Glowbidium being eaten, which means they won't be able to figure out what's coming until it's too close for comfort. Unless, Tess says, they find a way to decipher the signal. Allison says that General Mansfield is concerned that the source of the signal isn't friendly, and wants to be ready for it with weapons. Tess is horrified at the idea, saying they could provoke or scare the aliens away. Enh, how would they even know what a weapon looks like anyway? They're aliens! For all we know, guns on their planet are shaped like bowling balls.

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