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Bowling For Goop

After the break, Henry examines the green team and says they'll be fine and the elevated levels of gamma radiation that mutated their skin pigment should wear off in a few days. Big Ed wants to get back to practice, but Fargo would rather spend his time coming up with ways to get back at Area 51. This is why Area 51 wins so much, by the way. They have their eyes on the prize. Tess and Allison walk up and Tess comments that the green the bowling team has turned is a pretty color. Which it isn't, so we can add poor taste in colors to the list of Tess's flaws. Carter asks if the missing Glowbidium could have caused this, but Henry says not without altering it, and Tess says she's worked with the Area 51 guys and they're "harmless dorks," so clearly Tess has something negative to say about everyone she meets, and probably vice-versa. Allison gets things back on track, nagging Carter to collect her Glowbidium power cells. Carter sends Henry to do that with Jo while he talks to Bismarck about his radiation prank.

Lexi is home alone. I see they've gotten Ever Carradine's name spelled correctly in the credits again. Good. I don't like her character at all, but the actress certainly deserves better. SARAH says someone is at the door, and Lexi figures it's the baby crib delivery service. Ugh, what? She's got people delivering baby cribs to the house now? She'll never leave. It's awful. It's not the baby crib delivery service at the door in the end, but Duncan, much to Lexi's surprise. Duncan is wearing the same outfit he wore last episode, I think. How tragic for him that he only packed one change of clothes for this extended vacation. SARAH is happy to see Duncan, saying "This is THE Duncan?!" I love SARAH. Duncan, meanwhile, asks who is talking about him. "It's my house," Lexi says. Um, no, it's not your house. It's Carter's house, and it's really not even his house, ultimately. So it's certainly not yours. "It's possessed," Lexi says. "Possessed with a single artificial intelligence," SARAH says, clearly not appreciating Lexi's description of her. Lexi turns back to Ducan and says she thought he left town. "I prefer to deal with my problems," he says. Oh, snap! But also, where was he, then? It's not like he was still in Eureka, or someone would have seen him and reported it back to Lexi. Also, how much time has elapsed since she told him about the babies? Anyway, Lexi gets all huffy that Duncan called her babies "problems," which is unfair and Duncan knows it. He says he's sort of allowed to be thrown when twins come out of thin air like that. Lexi actually admits that he's right, but doesn't think his reaction would have been any different if she told him when she found out. He says it would have been, but it's not like they'll ever get a chance to know for sure. "I had a right to know," he says. Lexi says he did and asks what they should do now. They had a six wonderful months together, but she apparently doesn't think that's enough to sustain a relationship and raise children together. Then practice safe sex next time, Lexi. Geez. "I'd give up anything for these kids, but I don't expect you to," she says. She does, however, seem to expect Carter to. How is that fair? "Isn't that my choice?" Duncan asks. "No. Go back to your life, Duncan. Please?" Lexi says. What?? Why is she doing this? Because she thinks he'll be a father out of obligation but won't truly be happy? Can't she let him make that decision?

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