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Bowling For Goop

Allison finds a file in Big Ed's computer about a prototype for an organism that eats gamma radiation. It's named "Spot." "As in remover, I'm guessing," Tess says. Yes, because gamma radiation is always leaving spots. Carter figures out that the "pet" Fargo thought Big Ed owned is actually this "pet project." It's stretching things quite a bit, but whatever. They figure out that the Glowbidium was for Spot to eat, which Tess is very annoyed about. She should be; it's wrong to steal, even when, as Allison suggests, Big Ed was just doing it to feed Spot so he didn't go after other sources of food. Other sources like a big, green human brimming with gamma radiation, perhaps? Carter runs to Big Ed's supply cabinet and finds an empty canister with a P-touch label on it (really, GD? You can't afford better than that? You don't have some special device that etches custom labels into things?) that says "Spot." So where is Spot now? Well, he's probably hungry, and while he couldn't just walk out of Big Ed's lab in search of food, there is a nice big drain in the middle of the floor. It's got some green slime on it, just in case you didn't catch on that Spot left through there.

Cut to Fargo in a shower stall applying the mineral mask. Up from the shower comes a green CGI slime monster named Spot.

And after the break, we're still in the shower. Spot oozes towards Fargo's foot. As soon as it touches the foot, it jumps back with an angry sound. Fargo, meanwhile, freaks out and jumps backwards, turning the shower on. He then stands in the stall waving his hands around helplessly until Carter arrives and tells him to get away from Spot. Fargo takes off, but so does Spot, back down the drain. As for Fargo, apparently the shower stalls open directly out to the rotunda, so he walks out there in all of his naked, partially green and goo-covered glory. Of course, it's one of those times when the rotunda is full of extras, all of whom stop and stare. "I'd rather go naked than wear fur," Fargo immediately says. Very quick with the excuses for someone who was so terrified at the prospect of being naked in front of people. "Okey dokey," Lexi says, walking by. OH COME ON!! I can almost see how Duncan is allowed in GD because he's a super-smart doctor or whatever, but Lexi? Who's just here to pick up Allison for yoga class? Whatever happened to "top secret"? Isn't this place hidden behind a hologram? Ugh! Fargo grabs a tablet computer and a briefcase from two employees and uses them to cover his bits as he runs away.

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