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What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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At the Sheriff's office, Jack Carter is fiddling with his two-way radio which is giving no signal, just noise. Jo Lupo snaps that he should chuck the dinosaur. Chuck the XL44 he got when he was a rookie? That's just crazy talk. He shakes his head and looks down at it with such fondness that I'm a bit jealous. There's no sense spending 8,500 words pretending otherwise, unless you're Jo (who would be lucky to get 50 words in an episode, these days). She suggests Carter shut it off. Jack's loyal and lovely and why don't you shut yourself off, Jo? Besides, if we're hearing so much about the radio now, you know it's going to come into play in the episode's resolution.

Vincent enters the office and he's in almost as much of a tizzy as Jack's radio. "Sheriff, you got a minute?" Over a shot of the Café Diem exterior, we hear him ask Jack to talk to Lexi. I ask about my Shiraz. Don't judge. I'm increasing my flavonoid consumption. Lexi's sitting with Fargo, sorting a bunch of junk on the lunch counter. They identify items and categorize them. I identify my glass of wine and lift it to my lips. I'm pretty sure the stress of having this much Lexi in an episode is going to cause my body to burn off antioxidants at an alarming rate. Don't get me wrong, Carradine acquits herself of the role well, but the character grates.

Fargo is oblivious to the fingernails that run down the blackboard every time Lexi's on screen. He's smitten and tries to impress her by pointing out he was recycler of the month. Lexi congratulates him and the pitch of her voice blasts the glass out of Café Diem's window, like when Martha busted all the glass out of Jack's car. The characters seem to be ignoring the shattered glass, as though were all in the mind of a thirsty substitute recapper. Dangerous! Jack tries terribly hard to be cheerful. "Hi, Lex." Lexi explains that they recycle everything in town and talks about Vincent like he's not standing right exactly there; as she says she wants to get Vincent to be a smidge more conscientious. Jack asks her to do it elsewhere, noting that "eggs over garbage" isn't on the menu. In the background, the casting directors hustle in a new nerd to scoff at Jack. "Garbage? What century are you from?"

Jo may only be the town deputy, but she's the series exposition queen, so she introduces our geek du week. "Chuck's the majordomo of the new recycling program. Why throw it away when..." everyone finishes with her, " can Chuck it." Zane's not here, Jo. Put your pocket dictionary away and just say steward, foreman, manager, or another nickel word, instead. Jack laughs, and I hope it's at them, not with them. Vincent makes an understandably pissy face, as Chuck snitches that the trash can is full of violations. He wants Jack to issue Vincent some hefty fines and I think the jerk used the word "hefty" on purpose. Jack talks him down, suggesting a warning this time. Chuck and Vincent exchange dirty looks, and Chuck turns threatening. "Ho-kay, but ha-I'm wat-ha-tching you." Oh, puh-lease, newbie! You're no Dr. Cox, Chuck. He bids a gentler goodbye to Lexi, because he's sweet on her.

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