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The Kimmening
blamed for what's going on in Lieber's house, as Carter and Jo quickly smell "something" burning and rush off to investigate. They find both Lieber and the source of the burning smell in his lab, and they're one and the same. By which I mean that Lieber has suffered the fate of many a GD scientist and is a smoldering pile of crispy bones.

After the break, town mayor/coroner Henry has arrived with a body bag and zips the remains of Lieber inside it. But he's clearly still upset about the whole Kim thing, because his heart just isn't in it. He says he'll do an autopsy, but his first impression is that Lieber was electrocuted. Carter asks if he has any idea what malfunctioned, perhaps looking a little bit nervous that it had something to do with Lieber accidentally using a more powerful boost converter. Henry just snaps that it could have been anything, since Lieber was an expert in electro-magnetic physics and apparently that means electrocution at every turn. "Pick one!" he barks at Carter before quickly apologizing. Jo, the bottom of her face partially ensconced in shadow because I think she stepped out of her light for a second, says that the boost converter Fargo wanted is missing -- yanked clean out of its panel. Oooh, how does she know? Does Jo know where boost converters go and stuff? I'm impressed! Carter begs Henry to tell him that a boost converter couldn't have caused this, but Henry can't.

Jo decides to leave the room all exasperated instead of sticking around to look for more evidence or clues, giving Carter and Henry alone time. Carter asks him how he's doing with "the whole Kim thing," and Henry reminds him that the weird computer-created skin cell life form at GD isn't Kim. "Whatever happened on that ship is a scientific issue," Henry says, but the sad background music tells us otherwise. Carter tells him that if he doesn't have a problem with the new Kim, then GD needs his help.

Fargo has been called into the Sheriff's office to answer the charges that he stole the converter back from Lieber. Fargo is indignant that he did nothing wrong, but Carter and Jo explain to him that Lieber is kind of dead now, possibly because his boost converter went missing unexpectedly. "Uh oh," Fargo says. Yes, this is why we want to deal with things through official channels. Fargo frets about being sent to jail for murder by listing a number of antiquated names for jail until Jo finally slaps some sense into him by slapping him. So I guess she can join him in jail for assault? "Man up, Fargo!" she growls. A kinder, gentler, Carter says that they won't know what happened to Lieber for sure until after the autopsy, but he'll need to know what Fargo did to Lieber's panel when he removed the boost converter.

Oooh! GD's waterfall hallway! Long time, no see! Or at least, not that I've noticed. Zane tells Allison that their attempts to come up with a way to download all of the information in Kim's brain onto their computers have thus far come up short. Which is why the organic computer from the ship is a moron. It found a way to create some kind of crazy human-computer hybrid, but couldn't repair itself? Really? And the human-computer hybrid is kind of useless since there's no way to access the information it's storing anyway! Instead, we've got fake Kim writing it all out by hand on a giant whiteboard. At that rate, it will take her 2,135 years and 69 days to write everything out, and her handwriting isn't even all that neat, either. Tess is still encouraged, however, since the little data they have received so far today tells them that there are four Earth-like planets within ten light years of us. "Oh my god, that's right in the neighborhood!" says Allison, who has a different idea of a "neighborhood" than I do. She tells Zane he has everyone at GD at his fingertips to come up with a better way to access Kim's data. Kim recommends bringing Henry and the real Kim to help, as she might be a really intelligent human-computer hybrid thing but she's still clueless when it comes to body language. Allison informs her that the real Kim is dead. "That's unfortunate. I was looking forward to meeting her," fake Kim says. It's hard to tell when computers are sad, so it's good we have the sad background music again to let us know for sure.

Henry's finished the autopsy on Lieber and his lab equipment, and the electrocution culprit is ... not Fargo. Fargo is very relieved, and not once during all of this did he ever express any kind of sadness that a GD co-worker died in this tragic manner. For that matter, poor Lieber's boss Allison hasn't even bothered to stop by his home or express her regrets to his family. Actually -- has anyone even bothered to inform them at all? I have an awful feeling that the English scientist who died in the fifth dimension two weeks ago's family is wondering why he hasn't called lately. Anyway, Henry says that none of Lieber's equipment malfunctioned and caused his death, and Fargo runs away so that Carter may ask Henry how Lieber died. Instead of his machines electrocuting him, Henry says, Lieber electrocuted his machines. His body somehow generated its very own internal electric storm. "Is that even possible?" Carter asks. Um, Carter? You did see Lieber's charred remains, right? It is. Henry admits that it's "one of the strangest things" he's ever seen, and that's saying a lot since he did see the long-dead love of his life emerge from a long-lost spaceship just this morning.

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