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The Kimmening

Henry enters Kim's chamber with his space suit on. Another brave GD scientist is already in there, similarly outfitted. After what happened to Zane, I wouldn't go near that place, but okay. Kim greets him, but Henry is all business, telling her to sit down and roll up her sleeves. Kim figures that he's here to terminate her, but he says no - he's just taking a blood sample. Kim finds this fascinating and would love to go over the results with Henry, because she's like that girl who's in love with a guy who wants nothing to do with her and tells her so but she keeps trying anyway. "You always liked collaborating," Kim says. "Stop it," Henry says, not too harshly. It finally occurs to Kim that this is all very "confusing" for Henry. He injects her with something (a fancy GD blood-drawing needle?) and she cries out in pain.

Henry runs up to Carter and Allison in the rotunda and says he found a connection between Zane and Lieber. "We know that," Allison says. Shut up, Allison - Henry's talking about a virus he found in Zane and Lieber. Allison asks what kind of virus could cause something like that, and Henry says it reproduces by backing itself up with multiple copies and no mutations. Allison says that's impossible - everything mutates. Carter asks if they're dealing with a virus that isn't nature-made, saying Henry's virus sounds more like a computer glitch than a cold. Henry says that's right - it's a computer virus. The organism enters the human body and reproduces like any other virus, but it's encoded with binary information instead of DNA. "We have no defense against it!" Henry says, nor does he know how it can jump from computer to human. Say, that is good news. Henry says there's no way it could have come from Kim as he did a full work-up on her and found no trace of the virus. Allison says she's the only source it could be from, but Carter remembers that there are actually two organic computers - Kim, and the original computer from the ship.

Jo brings Zane a care package full of his favorite foods: olives stuffed with blue cheese, a toasted peanut butter and bacon sandwich, egg salad, and rocky road ice cream. First of all, ew. Way to eat like a pregnant woman, Zane. Second of all, there's no way all that stuff is in the tiny box, especially since half of it is obviously crammed with grapes and oranges. "I love you, Jo," Zane says. Yeah, I'd like to see him say it when he isn't possibly on the verge of death and she isn't bringing him stuff. She, of course, responds in kind.

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