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Water, Water Everywhere
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At GD, Carter walks in and sees Tess and compliments her hair. He actually calls it "gooder." Oh, Carter, you know how to woo those genius girls. She follows this up by claiming that the curling iron is the greatest invention of the 20th century. I'm pretty sure it's not, but I'm probably biased, since I've got naturally curly hair that I abhor. She's called Carter over because NewKim is missing. She's not though, Carter just saw NewKim having a chat at Café Diem with Henry. Tess says that NewKim hasn't been properly downloaded, and she should be considered like a stolen laptop. Carter tries to shrug this off, since people take things from GD all the time. It's true. A fancy place like this has the WORST security. You'd think those geniuses could come up with better ways to protect their property than having to call in the local sheriff every time something gets lifted. Carter thinks that the NewKim field trip could help with the downloading process, but Tess informs him that they've got big guns on the way in, in the form of a specialist from Bethesda. Basically, she wants Carter to break the news to Henry. They banter about how much Original Kim's death sucked for Henry, since he didn't get to have the happily ever after with his true love. Carter takes this opportunity to tell Tess how much fun he had at the "meteor thing" the other night.

But as he's trying to swing another date, a sexy looking Billy Campbell walks in calling her "Tess the Mess." She's apparently ditched the clunky glasses and oversized sweatshirts that she was so fond of in college. She tries to introduce Jack to the neural-networking specialist she was telling him about. Dr. Manly. Allison corrects her, that it is Dr. Manlius. He's on hand to help with the downloading of NewKim. Carter gets all jealous that Dr. Manly has previous knowledge of Tess and Allison. He's known them both since he was their TA since grad school. He wants to invite them to dinner, Allison declines since she's big as a house and goes to bed early, but Tess readily agrees. He says it will be a celebration of downloading the organic computer. Dude, she has a name. And she's sitting at Café Diem.

Henry is putting various foods (from bacon to apple pie) under NewKim's nose, to test her olfactory glands. He gives a smile when NewKim says she prefers cherry pie. Carter walks in, and before he can reach Henry and NewKim, Zoe stops to yell at him for telling Tess she could have Allison's baby shower at SARAH. Now the harpies (Monroe, Draper and Bell... the ladies in charge of infant development) that work at GD are driving her crazy with all the planning and whatnot. They're sitting at the bar and grilling Zoe about why she missed yesterday's meeting, and they tell her that she needs to take planning the shower a lot more seriously. She tells them off as Carter strolls over to Henry and NewKim.

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