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Water, Water Everywhere

Carter walks in to GD and sees Tess looking like her normal self. He feels like he's lost ten pounds. She wants to go to the asteroid event, since it doesn't happen that often, and it is pretty special. He says he'd like to watch it with her, and then she thanks him for saving her life. He credits Manly, but she was referring to the smooching in the elevator. He brushes that off as CPR. She kisses him and says that is CPR, too. He says it isn't, but she thinks they should try it again to be sure. He is against PDA's, but she thinks he should start being OK with it. Then there's a big sweeping kiss with the cameras wrinkling around them and then zooming out. I liked him better rubbing Allison's feet... but I'm not writing this show, so there will probably be more where this came from.

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