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Water, Water Everywhere

Henry's got NewKim in a pool of some sort, he says that he can save the data and her, and that Manlius was totally wrong. The pool is a nutrient bath that will take the data out of her cells and repair them in time. Manly tells her to keep still and relax. The shields still go down, though. Carter notices some non-descript pipes, but Tess informs him that it's their hydro-electric cooling system and that it puts out a lot of heat. The download starts, which consists of some little lightning flashes in the nutrient pool. Soon NewKim's face starts to sink into the pool, and there are emergency alarms flashing that say they are initiating an emergency termination system. They shut down the test, but NewKim looks worse for wear.

Manly says that he understands this is emotionally distressing for Henry, but NewKim is a sophisticated storage device and that the personality was something that the computer constructed. She was never human, but she's degrading and they have to act fast in order to get the data out. I feel like Bill Campbell has given variations of this same speech like four times in this episode and, aside from flirting with Tess, that's all he's done. They need to sacrifice her, in order to find out everything she needs to tell them. Allison says she's sorry. Henry talks to NewKim, who is so happy to see him that it is a bit heartbreaking... even if she isn't real.

Carter leaves Henry to talk to NewKim and asks Manly and Tess if the cooling pipes are filled with syn water. Manly says that it is far superior to other coolants, which sounds like he's been drinking the kool-aid... or the syn water... that Dr. Rivers has been selling. He says that the pipes were inside the shield, and could have been exposed to radiation. How the hell did NO ONE figure this out? Ever? Poor design. I expect more from these people.

Carter is back with crazy eyes. He tells her that some of her water may have been affected when it was exposed to radiation. She is able to track everywhere he water goes, so they are able to track where the water has gone. The first flush went into the gym.

NewKim tells Henry that she realizes this is hard for him, and that she shut herself down, so as not to cause him any pain. Which seems like backwards logic... from a computer. She says that Kim wouldn't have wanted that either, and he says that he understands that NewKim is not Kim, but that she does have her laugh... and her mind... and her spirit. NewKim says that it is time for him to let her go, because it is their mission.

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