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Water, Water Everywhere

Carter heads down to the gym to find out who was in the steam room at noon when the radiation-filled water flooded the air. It was a group of catty women. Monroe, Draper and Bell. They inhaled the water and it mixed with their blood stream and got into their plasma. Gym lady says that there was a late arrival, by the name of Fontana. Carter looks stricken.

We see Tess running, trying to catch an elevator. She's coughing and sweating, just like Draper did at the café. The ocular scanner doesn't recognize her and she causes a security lockdown.

Carter runs in and asks Allison where Tess is; she says she's stuck in the elevator. He wants to know if Fargo tested her, but Allison says that Carter claimed to have ruled out the baby shower connection. She says she's been in there, but she's only got five minutes before she drowns. He runs to an elevator shaft, and gets above her car while Allison says she's trying to get a manual override. He lands in a pool of water and finds Tess not breathing, but with a pulse. Allison says there's a medical team on the way, but Carter performs some CPR on her, which gets her breathing again. Fargo demands that he keep putting air in her lungs, so they don't fill with fluid. Carter says this isn't how he saw their first kiss, but he's going to breathe for her.

In the medical facility she's hooked up to machines and it hurts her to breathe. They are draining the water from her lungs as fast as they can. He asks Allison and Fargo for good news (are there no other doctors that specialize in weird cases?). Fargo says they can keep her alive like Dr. Bell, but the compressed water could take months to expel and her organs could give out before then. So basically, she's a goner.

Speaking of goners, Henry's putting NewKim in the acid bath. She says that Kim loved her, he says he loved her, too. Then Manly turns on his fancy laser, which basically makes her dissolve, and the computers start going wild and getting filled with the data that she contains. Henry starts crying, but Allison says it was her gift to him, so she'd always have a part of him. Then the pool is empty, and the download is complete. Henry's a mess though. Sucks to lose the woman you love and then her identical computer clone, as well.

Manly tells Carter that he's sorry for Henry's loss, though he's never really seemed to care. He then asks about Tess. Carter says they aren't putting the right technology together, as he stares at the pool that NewKim just disappeared from. He says that he has someone he needs to introduce Manly to.

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