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Black Holes and Plot Holes

Henry says they'll need to find another power source. Carter says that's going to be difficult, since he can't move, being on the edge of a gravity well and all. Henry's brilliant suggestion is that he try to slide a few inches in the hopes of freeing himself from the well, but Carter says that's impossible. But wait! Sheriff Andy is here to save the day! Hooray! And he can see all the gravity wells no problem with his gravity-well vision, so he easily moves around them. He reaches Carter and pulls him away from the well, but there's still a problem: they have no power source. Carter points out a random live wire on the ground, but Sheriff Andy knows it's not enough. Carter says it may well be -- after all, Dr. Fielding was constantly overloading the power grid by using too much. Sheriff Andy picks the wire up and it sparks, and he says Carter is right -- Dr. Fielding jacked his power supply way past the household current limits. He will be getting a citation for this. I wonder what he'll get for putting the entire West Coast in danger of being sucked into a black hole? Two citations? Maybe it's time to put these people in jail or something. Anyway, the wire has a lot of power, but still not enough. Fortunately, Sheriff Andy is a power source as well. "Won't that fry you?" Carter asks. "Nah! Well, yeah, maybe," Sheriff Andy says, now completely over his earlier town charter stick-to-itiveness and ready for sacrifice.

With pieces of barn falling all around them, Sheriff Andy grabs the wire and sticks his fingers in the plug as Carter pushes the big giant button that will cause the explosion. Andy fries, and there's a huge wave of graviton pulse explosion that makes both man and robot go flying backwards. They land on their backs. Carter is fine, if slightly sore, while Sheriff Andy looks down for the count. But this is how it had to be, I suppose, to get Carter back. Too bad they made Sheriff Andy so likeable. Carter checks that gravity is back to normal (although what happened to that floating baby doll in the tensor field chamber is anyone's guess) and then, before he can mourn the loss of Sheriff Andy, Andy turns back on! He's fine after all, and Carter will still get his job back because the first words out of Andy's mouth (after "oooouucch") are "I don't like this job."

Later, Carter and Zoe are on their way to Café Diem for their going-away party. Carter isn't looking forward to it, so he wastes some time by offering to let Zoe stay in town on her own while he moves to Los Angeles. "This town is your home," he says. Yeah, but Zoe will be left alone in a house controlled by SARAH, the psycho robot. Obviously, she's not thrilled with the idea, and says that her home is wherever her father is. With that, Allison emerges and tells the Carters to head in for the party before her hugely pregnant self eats the entire cake. Carter says it's weird that he's getting a huge party for being fired. Lexi and Henry arrive, late to the party like total jerks, and Henry says he has a nice present for Carter: according to the town charter, the DoD must have the mayor's permission to fire a peace officer. And since Henry is the mayor and he doesn't approve of Carter being fired, that means Carter is still sheriff and always has been. "See? I told you you weren't going anywhere," Lexi smirks, as if she had any part in saving her brother's job. Allison is impressed with Henry's reading ability, pointing out that the town charter is 174 volumes long. Henry says he had help from a robot named Andy. Andy waves from down the street.

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