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Black Holes and Plot Holes

With that, everyone except Carter and Andy decide it's time for a real party and head into Café Diem. Carter thanks Andy for giving him his job back, and even admits that Andy was a good sheriff. Andy says he might have been, but he still had his limitations and doesn't think this is the job for him. Why can't he be the deputy, like Jo? This had better not be the end of Sheriff Andy. If only SARAH hadn't tried to kill him, he could have hooked up with her. Actually, speaking of SARAH, why didn't she just read the town charter and find that loophole? Wouldn't that have been a lot easier and less dangerous than manipulating freaking gravity?? It makes no sense! Andy hands his badge over to Carter and declines the invitation to the party so he can spend some time alone with his robot thoughts. I hope we see him again.

Night falls on Café Diem, and the party is just wrapping up. Allison is still eating cake when Henry walks up. He gets serious and says she's going to need Carter's help in the coming months, as it turns out that the antenna array interference they were talking about earlier wasn't interference at all -- something from way out in space sent a radio signal to them, and Henry thinks it's on its way to town. Aliens! I'm not sure how this story arc will pan out, but it's got to be better than a one-off episode where a house tries to murder a robot with gravity.

The next morning, Carter and Jo are back to work and back in uniform. Jo says the only reason why she decided to come back is because she hates job interviews. Carter assures her that some day, she'll get that promotion. Jo claims that she doesn't care. Carter knows she does, and that she'll be a great sheriff when it finally happens. Except that for all of that to happen, Carter would have to die, quit or get fired again, so this isn't really that fun of a conversation to have. Nevertheless, Jo agrees.

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