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Black Holes and Plot Holes

Jo, Allison and Carter show up at the Sheriff's office, even though Carter has been fired and probably shouldn't be allowed in. They find a large metal suitcase that they assume is the new sheriff's belongings. Jo angrily notes that her new boss is late to work on his first day. She is fuming. And she has every right to, really. Eureka treats her like crap. Allison gives the new guy's cell phone a call, only to hear a ringing sound inside the box. Jo guesses that the new guy packed his cell phone with the rest of his stuff. Okay, those poor deductive reasoning skills might be why Jo will never be the sheriff. Carter walks up to the box and opens it, where he finds a talking robot thing that recognizes everyone and greets them. Carter greets him by closing the suitcase door in his face and pronouncing it "creepy." Fargo comes running around the corner to introduce everyone to his latest robot invention: a 2.9 billion-dollar DoD program to build a robot police officer. Upon hearing that she got passed over for a promotion in favor of a prototype, Jo starts to remove her badge. Yeah, pretty much. I don't understand why they couldn't have made Jo the sheriff and the robot the deputy? That makes much more sense, especially since he's never been tested in a real-world setting. Jo hands over her gun and her badge and takes off. I thought Fargo was friends with Jo, but he couldn't care less about her obvious anger and disappointment and just keeps talking about his latest creation. The robot steps out of the case and assembles itself into a human-shaped metal structure. Then all the metal falls off of the robot to reveal a human-looking guy in uniform underneath. Way to litter, New Sheriff. He introduces himself as Sheriff Andy, and when he moves, robot sound effects play. Fargo is the only person to say hi back, but he does it with enough enthusiasm to cover everyone.

Allison is back at Global Dynamics, which appears to be blessedly product placement-free these days. Yay! She tells the general that he can't put an experiment in charge of policing of the town. The general says the position was open and the prototype was ready, so he doesn't see the problem. He asks Allison if she'd rather leave the position empty. He says nothing about giving Jo the promotion, and neither does Allison, who just says she wants Carter back. Poor Jo. Stabbed in the back by everyone at every turn! The general is sure that Sheriff Andy will do a great job and reminds Allison that she has too much work to do at GD to concern herself with anything else.

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