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Black Holes and Plot Holes

Carter drowns his sorrows with Café Diem banana milkshakes, because the way to interview success is to bloat up and get all hippy. Pull yourself together, Carter! Allison finally stops by, and Carter immediately wants to know what knocked the trees over. Allison says Sheriff Andy thinks it was an accident, and says he's no replacement for Carter. No, he's a replacement for both Carter and Jo, apparently. Carter changes the subject to his new job -- the Department of Homeland Security offered him the position and they want him to start right away. "Good news," Allison says, sounding like it's the worst news ever. These people are so selfish. They'd rather have Carter stay in town and be unemployed than find fulfilling work somewhere else. Carter says he's not looking forward to telling Zoe about this, since, you know, he kind of promised her that they wouldn't move until after the semester.

Cut to a furious Zoe at home. Carter says this is the "right job" for him, so he has to take it. It's also, as far as I can tell, the only job Carter's been offered in the three or four months he's been out of work. Zoe says he already had the right job. Carter reminds her that he was fired from that job and someone else has been hired to take his place. Why is Carter the only person who seems to accept that reality on this show? With that, Sheriff Andy shows up at the house. He kindly introduces himself to Zoe, who isn't very kind in return. She storms off, and Sheriff Andy asks Carter for his uniform, which he apparently held on to despite losing the job so long ago. Sheriff Andy needs it back for paperwork purposes. Carter obliges, and asks Sheriff Andy about the trees. Sheriff Andy says the "impact pattern" from the trees looks natural, so he thinks the trees all just fell on their own at the same time. Carter suggests that things like that never happen by accident, especially not in this town. "In Eureka, when a tree falls in the forest, it's not just a tree," he says. But does it make a sound? And can it fall on Lexi? Sheriff Andy, looking slightly irritated, says he's sure he's right about this, but thanks Carter for the advice and claps him on the shoulder. Once he's gone, Carter asks SARAH for her opinion. Her opinion is that she doesn't like Sheriff Andy, of course, but Carter meant about the trees. Does he usually ask SARAH about cases? Good thing he did this time, as it turns out that she analyzed samples of the trees from the debris on "the artificial sheriff's" shoes just now. And they have genetic abnormalities.

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