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Finale, Finally

He hangs up on her and asks Henry where an electromagnetic field will appear next. Henry says there's no way of knowing, and they're seeing the same effect they would if the Earth's poles were reversing, except stronger and faster. And since the regular old slow and weak pole reversal was an extinction-level event, that is pretty much the worst news possible. For now, it's localized in Eureka, which makes Carter think that whatever caused it is in Eureka, too. All they have to do now is figure who would and could create "a mini-death star." I'm pretty sure it could be anyone who works at GD. Those people are insane. Also they are jerks. Tess says it would have to be someone with a lot of knowledge about Nemesis, and both her and Carter's eyes drift over to Henry, who asks them to give him a "little credit." I'd be really pissed if my friends were so quick to assume that I was responsible for the end of the world, but Henry takes it in stride. He also said "credit," which gives Carter an idea. Maybe the person who did this did it because he needed a nice résumé-builder, and nothing says that like coming up with a way to stop the effects of Nemesis. Tess asks who would be so naïve to do this and have the necessary access to Henry's space lab. Carter has one person in mind: Lucas.

Speak of the devil, he's with Zoe in his garage lab, talking about their future together. Lucas is worried that Zoe leaving for college will end their relationship. Not to worry, as Zoe thought of a way for them to be together forever: sex! Yes, they can lose their virginity to each other on Lucas's ratty old couch during Zoe's work break. Very romantic. It takes Lucas a while to realize what Zoe is suggesting, but when he does he is ready to make out. They do that for all of two seconds before the garage door suddenly opens to reveal Carter, Henry, and Tess. Poor Carter. His reaction is amazing. He screams "oooh!" while doing a little dance of shock and horror. Henry just looks surprised, while Tess smirks knowingly. Zoe and Lucas jump up and away from each other immediately, with Lucas holding a couch pillow in front of his crotch area. I can't tell what's more embarrassing: taking a chance that your girlfriend's dad will see your erection, or putting pillow in front of it so he can't see it but will know for sure that it's hiding under there. I guess it's not a choice I'll ever have to make, seeing as how I do not have a penis. "And now my perfect day is complete," Carter says, looking at the floor. Well, that's why you should knock. Zoe quickly tells Carter that this was her "idea," like, all he caught you two doing was kissing. No need to clue him in that there was anything more than that going on. Or about to. Henry quickly spots a micro-electromagnetic pulse amplifier in the room, and Lucas says he hasn't gotten it to work "yet." Henry says that's not exactly true. They head outside as Lucas protests that the machine is on stand-by, so there's no way it could be doing anything at all. Henry hands him a pair of special glasses that can see electromagnetic fields, and sure enough, there's something brewing just above the garage. Of course, the weathervane that anyone can see that's spinning around seemingly on its own kind of gave that away, too. Lucas is initially pleased to see some success, then less so when he realizes what this means -- a new magnetic pole right over Eureka.

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