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Finale, Finally

The group spent the commercial break moving the party to GD, where Carter angrily demands to know how Lucas created a new North Pole. I can't tell which of Lucas's poles Carter is angrier about: the one he created in Eureka that will end everyone's existence, or the one he was about to plant in Zoe. Tess plays good cop and kindly asks Lucas to talk them through his experiment. Lucas says he used Kim's data to create a simulation of the forces Nemesis would create. After measuring the change in gravitational pull this would cause, he tried to build an electromagnetic amplifier that would lock the planet's poles in place so Nemesis couldn't cause them to reverse and thus kill everyone on the planet. Okay, really? Is that the best thing he could come up with as a résumé-builder? It's not like people 2,000 years from now are going to use what will be seriously antiquated technology when the Nemesis thing does happen. They'll have created their own, much better ways to deal with it. Also, they will probably have other planets colonized, so saving the Earth won't be all that important. Lucas says he tested the amplifier out and it failed, so he has no idea why or how it could be causing problems now. Carter is quick to point out that there have been magnetic problems all over town today, one of which almost killed Zoe. Yeah, rub it in, Carter. Nice.

Lucas again protests that his amplifier isn't even turned on, nor does it have the power needed to make this stuff happen in the first place, so it can't possibly be responsible. Henry says it could have been assisted by an energy boost from another source, just as Tess says there was an energy boost when the supercollider exploded. So the amplifier threw off the magnetic stabilizers in the supercollider, which then caused the explosion, which then boosted the amplifier's power and created a loop of building energy that formed a new North Pole over Lucas's garage. Whoops! Lucas is very sorry about all of this. Carter angrily tells Lucas that it will be his responsibility to tell Santa that he has to move his workshop. That sucks for Santa -- I hope he's ready to watch his elves turn into piles of smoking ash after various and multiple mishaps. "Lucas, what were you thinking?" Zoe asks. Lucas says he "couldn't handle" the thought of Zoe leaving town without him, so he tried to "solve" Nemesis in the hopes that it would get him a recommendation to MIT from Henry just like the one he gave to Zoe. Yes, Henry was the mystery recommendation writer, of course. Sorry, Tesla students who didn't get early admission to Harvard even though their GPAs are better than Zoe's! The trick was to make your dad be best friends with the town mechanic/super-genius. Carter's rage switches from Lucas to Henry, who stammers out an apology for not letting him know earlier. Henry has secretly hated Carter since the end of Season 1, and now, at long last, he's gotten his revenge.

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