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Finale, Finally

Carter decides to tell Henry off later and concentrate on turning Lucas's pole-making machine off now. But Henry says it won't be that easy -- the Earth's own magnetic field is now fueling what Lucas's machine and the supercollider combined to create. If they can't figure out a way to break the building energy cycle, the poles will reverse and the world will basically end. Lucas doesn't know when to quit, so he says this is probably a bad time to ask for that recommendation from Henry.

Jo drives through a dense fog and pulls up to a stop sign in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, her car turns off. Ha! Way to go, Product Placement car! You suck! Confused, Jo looks around her car, noting that the metal keychain is swaying back and forth. Outside the car, we see a group of mailboxes that are similarly affected. So the electromagnetic field shorts the electrics in Jo's car and attracts the metal in mailboxes, Jo's car keys, and the infinitesimal amount of metal in Fargo's body above what can be found in humans with a normal amounts of iron in their blood, but not any of the metal in Jo's car? Okay. Jo looks out the window to see both the mailboxes and the stop sign acting strangely. "That's a new one," she says calmly (and awesomely). And then the mailboxes uproot themselves from the ground and fly straight towards her. But don't worry! She's fine. She calls Carter on her cell phone (which works even though the electromagnetic field was so strong it shut down her mighty Product Placement car) and tells him that she's having problems. We see that her car has mailboxes on the door and a stop sign stuck to the hood.

Zane has been brought in to help Tess and Henry. He says the new pole is getting stronger. Duh. Shut up, Zane. Henry says they're looking at the build-up to a polar reversal, which is creating random electromagnetic surges all over town. Surges that are random themselves, as they pick and choose which metal objects they attract and which electronic objects they shut down. Tess notes that the surges all have a negative charge. This is a good thing, because it means that a burst of positive electromagnetic energy might cancel the negative energy out completely. This is where Zane comes in, because he's always at his best when it comes to launching specially-designed missiles at things. He says it'll be a "piece of cake." And that's when the power goes out, complete with Star Trek-esque random computer panel explosions. Tess immediately knows that the entire town's electrical power grid is down, which means that anything that runs on power has been rendered useless by the large amount of electromagnetic energy -- including special positive energy missiles. Carter has an idea.

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