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Finale, Finally

Carter enters the robotics lab to hear funky music playing. He calls out for someone, and there's Fargo and Crazy Julia behind a couch looking naked and in mid-sex. I didn't need to see that. What's with everyone walking in on each other making out/about to have sex/having sex this episode? Enough already. As Fargo asks Carter why he doesn't know how to knock, Martha lowers herself into view and we see she has a tiny disco ball attached to her. Yes, they're using a killer drone for mood lighting. A remarkably unashamed Fargo asks if Carter needs him for something. Carter says he does not, but he might need Martha, who was able to fly around the lab freely when everything else was stuck to the ceiling. Fargo says that's because she's made out of non-metallic composites. "Martha, Fargo, come!" Carter says, suddenly realizing that might be a poor choice of words in Fargo's case. You can just see the part where the unwanted mental image pops into Carter's head before he hastily adds, "with me!"

And on Eureka's main street, people run around in a panic as electromagnetic energy field pulses or whatever zip across the sky. Meanwhile, at Allison's house, she is no doubt looking out the window while Jenna is napping and thinking, "Well, that looks like world-ender. But I'm on maternity leave and not getting paid to help out, so I'll just stay put here and not even call into work to make sure everything is okay. I am freaking useless."

Fargo is now dressed and outside GD in a field with Zane and Martha. Um, is it really such a good idea for him to be outside exposed to crazy electromagnetic fields like that? Anyway, they're ready to launch Martha and her positron beam into the new pole. Back at GD, Zoe and Lucas run in and tell Carter Tess, and Henry that they can't launch Martha into the pole yet -- Lucas's amplifier is turned off right now, but when Martha hits the pole with the positrons, it could somehow turn it back on, thereby making the pole even stronger than it is already. "Like throwing napalm on a campfire," Henry explains to Carter. Why didn't Tess, Henry, Zane or Fargo think of this already? Useless! Lucas says they can fix the problem by reversing the polarity of his amplifier, because reversing the polarity of something is the go-to faux-science solution. Henry agrees that that will not only prevent the pole from getting stronger, but it'll also help amplify the force of Martha's positron beam. But isn't it already calibrated to be exactly the strength it needs to be? This will only cause a new positive pole to take the place of the negative one, I think. Carter knows where this is going, and asks what he has to do to save the town once again. Tess doesn't think there's anything he can do -- the electromagnetic force is so strong in the garage that it can disrupt brain function, rendering Carter unable to move. Wow, that's specific. It won't disrupt any brain functions except the one thing that they have a solution for, thanks to Pilar's biotech competition project.

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