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Finale, Finally

Next thing you know, Henry is injecting sensors into Carter's joints. He whines about the pain more than Zoe did. How is the sensor-injecting gun able to work, by the way? Didn't they say that all electronics were rendered useless? Also, how can the electromagnetic field be so strong that it can disrupt brain function but not disrupt the remote control signals that go to those sensors? Or the sensors themselves? And if the electromagnetic pull was so strong that it could disrupt brain function (not to mention it can force molecules apart), wouldn't it also be strong enough to rip the iron out of Carter's body? I just have to sit back and take this for what it is, don't I? Maybe next season they'll try a little harder not to insult the audience's intelligence.

Zoe stops Carter on his way out to save the world to say she doesn't want him to go out there. "The feeling's mutual," Carter says. Yes, well, going off to college is a little different than risking your life. Especially when -- let's be honest -- Lucas is really the person who should be doing this. "It's my job," Carter says, adding that if he doesn't do this, there won't be a college for Zoe to abandon him for. Not true! Just like with the diving, anyone is capable of doing this. Like Lucas. Zoe annoyingly blames this on herself and the fact that she's leaving. No, it's only your fault in that you chose to date a guy with serious abandonment issues. Don't ever try to dump him, or we all die. Carter promises Zoe that he'll be fine, kisses her on the forehead, and leaves.

The weathervane on top of Lucas's garage is still attached and spinning wildly, so the magnetic pull can't be all that strong. Oh, wait -- it just snapped off and flew into the air. So it's only just become powerful enough to attract a large metal object. Disrupting brain function, my ass. Carter walks in to find the metal objects in Lucas's garage casually sliding about the room. Carter is wearing a camera so that the people back in the lab can see what he sees, and Lucas points out the amplifier. So cameras and walky-talkies can work in the electromagnetic field but the brain can't? Come on. Tess and Carter bicker instead of diving right into saving the world, but Tess shows that she will have the upper hand no matter what by using the remote control to cause Carter to slap himself in the face. Shouldn't Pilar be the one working the remote control? After all, she has the most experience with it. Pilar should be doing the controlling and Lucas should be the person being controlled. But they aren't regular cast members, so it's Tess and Carter instead.

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