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Finale, Finally

Carter moves under his own power through the garage, avoiding flying metal objects and large shelving units. They couldn't have given him a helmet for this? Carter takes a few steps forward and finds himself on the floor, unable to move a muscle. Except his jaw, which he uses to inform the GD folks that he's going to need some remote assistance. Tess does her best to get Carter moving, and the effect is pretty awesome as Colin Ferguson gets to show off his not-inconsiderable physical comedy abilities as he moves like a marionette across the garage.

Over at the Martha site, Zane and Fargo have lost their connection to GD. That means they won't know when it's all clear to launch the positron beam. They notice that the power lines behind them are flying up into the sky and decide now will do nicely. Well, it's not like launching the beam at the wrong time will be the end of the world or anything. Except that it will, so Zane and Fargo kind of suck.

While Carter is pinned behind a rogue shelving unit, Tess reports that Zane and Fargo went and launched Martha without permission, which means Carter will have to hurry up and reverse the amplifier's polarity before she hits the new pole. I'll bet they wish he and Tess didn't waste those precious seconds arguing now! Fortunately, the amplifier scoots across the room near Carter, and Tess is able to control him to twist a dial and reverse the polarity. As soon as he does, his brain function returns, and Tess tells him to get out of the area as quickly as his legs will take him because Martha is about to hit. He gets out just in time for a super-dramatic leap away from the explosion.

Power returns to GD. Tess and Zoe call for Carter to make sure he made it out okay. It takes him a few seconds, but: "I need a vacation," Carter says, his uniform looking slightly charred but not too bad, all things considered. Tess, Henry, Zoe, and Lucas breathe a collective sigh of relief. The weathervane makes its final appearance as it drops from the sky and plants itself in the ground nearby with a comedic sound effect.

Lucas and Zoe make out in the rotunda in full view of Tess, Carter and Henry. Carter says he's not happy to see it, but Lucas did help save the world from his own irresponsible science experiment, so he'll allow it. But why would Zoe want to make out like that in front of her father and the rest of GD in the first place? Henry says Lucas's amplifier will indeed help save the world in 2,000 years when the real Nemesis comes, to which I again say: how do they know? No one is going to care about a 2,000-year-old high schooler's invention then. The technology will be so far advanced past that. Carter has finally had enough and tells the happy couple to quit it.

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