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Finale, Finally

And then we're down in the GD lagoon hallway with Carter and Tess, who have their own plotline to wrap up and precious little time to do it. Tess says she didn't tell Carter about her job offer a week ago because she didn't know then what their relationship was going to be. Carter says he realizes that it's the perfect job for Tess and he can always visit. Tess wants him to do more than that: "come with me." With Zoe leaving town and Jo perfectly capable of doing Carter's job, he's more useless to Eureka than ever. Carter promises to think about it, and "in the meantime, if you hate it, you can come back." "I can come back even if I don't," Tess says. Like if her new show on ABC gets cancelled, say.

And suddenly, Zoe is ready to leave for college. So... it's now the end of summer, I guess. Because people don't leave for college the day after they get their acceptance letters, right? Zoe is driving there with Lucas and without her father (or mother, apparently), because, as Carter is surprised to find out, Lucas got into MIT early after all, thanks to Henry's recommendation. So next season I guess we can look forward to every episode being about a desperate Tesla student who creates an uncontrollable Doom Machine because that behavior is rewarded in this town with early acceptance to the best colleges in the country. "I still can't believe our little girl is leaving home," SARAH sighs. Me neither. This show won't be the same without Zoe. Then again, it hasn't been the same in a long time. Carter asks if Zoe is sure she doesn't want him to come with her. Seriously, though -- it's not like Zoe is going to summer camp. I don't know anyone who went off to a distant school on his own like that. Come on. "This is something I have to do on my own," Zoe says. And, she says, Eureka needs Carter more than she does. It still doesn't make sense. Zoe says she's really going to miss Eureka, so much so that part of her wants to stay and forget Harvard. Carter hugs her and says she can't do that, and that she'll be great at Harvard. "Thank you," Zoe says; "for never giving up on me." Carter ends the sappy moment by saying he wasn't aware that was an option. It kind of was for Zoe's mom! We haven't seen her in years. Maybe she's hanging out with Kevin. "I am gonna miss you like crazy. But I'm so proud," Carter says, whispering so we'll know how serious this is. Zoe manages to get tears in her eyes. "If I hate it, I can come back," she says. "You can come back even if you don't," Carter says. Or if her show gets cancelled! Which it will. I don't think we've seen the last of Zoe. I hope not.

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