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Finale, Finally

Poor, lonely Carter returns to work. Jo kindly asks him how he's doing. "I'm okay," he says, surprising himself. See? You didn't really need Tess or Zoe after all. Love is overrated. "Sometimes change is good," he says. Jo invites Carter out for a Vinspresso. He says he'll meet her at Café Diem. But first, he got a package in the mail. It's from Tess. A plane ticket to Australia. Carter grins and answers his ringing phone. It's Allison. "I was just about to call you," Carter says, still staring at his ticket. If the series was cancelled, we'd think he was going to leave Eureka for Australia and live happily ever after (except when he has to shell out for expensive plane tickets for Zoe to fly to Australia and back with his $0-a-year salary ... ). But since the show has been renewed for at least one more season, I guess he's only going to visit.

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