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Finale, Finally

Lucas is even less happy for Zoe than Carter was. Now he and Zoe won't be attending the same school at the same time like they planned. Or, really, like Lucas planned. I don't think Zoe ever agreed to that. Henry, who is apparently supervising Lucas as they work on some GD project, says there was only one spot at Harvard and Zoe was a "special" candidate. Lucas points out that he's special, too. Seriously, if I was Harvard, I'd totally take the kid with the super-genius IQ over Zoe, recommendation be damned. Lucas says this was not part of their plan. Henry says things don't always go according to plan, and sometimes that's for the best. Like right now, they get to study a spaceship that disappeared 17 years ago and collected all kinds of unplanned-for data about the universe. "All the data in the world can't take the place of the woman you love," Lucas sighs before realizing that's sort of exactly what happened to Henry with computer Kim. Awkward! Lucas and Henry change the subject to a distortion on the northern end of the heliosphere that can be seen on a scan of our solar system from computer Kim's data. What does all that mean? "Nemesis," Henry explains.

Nemesis, shemesis! It's Muffin Mondays at Café Diem, and that is awesome. [Does that mean free muffins, or more muffins than usual, or do they only get fresh muffins in on Monday? Because that would suck. Sunday's muffin selection is probably for crap. - Zach] Jo tells Carter to stop moping and be proud of Zoe. Carter says he is proud, but he expected another year with his daughter. I was expecting another year with her, too. I don't want Zoe to leave the show. Her relationship with Carter is one of my favorite things. Jo digs into a muffin, but Carter begs off, saying he has to watch his blood pressure. With that, he overhears a heated conversation between Fargo, Larry and Crazy Julia, appearing for the first time since the episode where she almost killed Jo and no one punished her for it. In fact, she's apparently been rewarded with a relationship with the man she stole Jo's DNA to be with. They're fighting about the end of the world, and whether it will happen soon or sooner. Hearing this, Carter demands an explanation. "Nemesis," Fargo says. "Is that real or is that like a supervillain from your fantasy Justice League?" Carter asks. Well, now it's both, as Fargo quickly enters the suggestion into his PDA.

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