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Finale, Finally

As Lucas and Zoe leave, Crazy Julia and Fargo enter, still wearing sky-diving gear. Like, even their parachutes. Did they run to Café Diem immediately upon touching the ground from the sky-dive? Why? Especially since Fargo's stomach is still upset from all the barfing he did on the way down. Is a restaurant really the best place to go when you can't keep food down? Not to mention that it's really rude to barf while sky-diving. That's just going to land on some poor person's head. Probably mine, with my luck. Julia suggests they add some things to Fargo's "bucket list" that don't involve mortal danger or barfing in fear of said mortal danger. Fargo can't think of anything, but whatever Julia suggests is so obscene that it must be whispered in his ear. Fargo smiles. He kind of looks like the Grinch when he smiles like that. His joy is short-lived, however, as Café Diem's pots and pans suddenly come to life, flying across the room and sticking to the wall. Fargo soon follows. Yes, it's another electromagnetic field. Jo springs into action, telling everyone to stay down. Good thing no one in the entire restaurant is wearing anything remotely magnetic. No metal eyelets in their shoes or zippers in their jeans or anything! Vince is nearly killed by flying forks, but deflects them with a tray because he is awesome.

Tess, Carter, and Henry are at Henry's garage. Tess refuses to put any stock into their Nemesis idea until Carter explains that they don't think the electromagnetic fields are being caused by the actual Nemesis, but by something mimicking its effects and creating what Henry calls a "massive magnetic polar disturbance." "How massive?" Tess asks. Um, let's see, Tess. It's tearing molecules apart. So, yeah. I'd say that's pretty freaking massive. Carter gets a call from Jo and before she can talk, he rather abruptly tells her he's busy. Jo ignores him and says all the metal in Café Diem (except not really, as I pointed out before) is flying. Carter relays the information to Henry, who points at his map of electromagnetic disturbances and says it appears to be dissipating already. It would have been nice if Henry was paying attention to that map in the first place and could have, like, warned the people in Café Diem about this. We also see that Jo is hiding behind a jukebox that is apparently not made of metal, as it is not forcefully pinned against the wall along with the pots, pans, utensils, and Fargo. When a fork plants itself just under a very sensitive part of Fargo's anatomy, he tells Crazy Julia she can cross knife-throwing off the bucket list. The electromagnetic field suddenly dissipates, and Fargo and all the metal fall to the floor. Jo tells Carter that the crisis has passed.

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