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Memory Lame
a scientist. But she does have genius IQ so I'm not sure what she's complaining about. Obviously she'll be able to make her mark in the future. Tess says Vince isn't a scientist either, and she's sure he has a "unique perspective" on Eureka. Way to call Vince stupid, Tess. Also, in your face because Vince quickly says he does have a Ph.D. In molecular gastronomy. Which, as it turns out, isn't just about using Xanthan gum on Top Chef, but is a real science with real applications. Anyway, it's time for Vince to share his memories with us. Hooray! It's from Season 3! Remember this? Oh, and the part where Carter squirts mustard at Vince and he says "really?" is just as awesome now as it was then. Back in the present, Tess asks if that's really the story Vince wants to preserve for the rest of time. Well, maybe he'd have something better if his screentime didn't get cut for new characters like you, Tess. "Beats the hell out of a book of recipes," Vince shrugs. Jo just laughs politely, like she's been doing all episode.

Carter finds Dr. Ash in the lagoon hallway. She can't find her entire lab, which makes sense when you consider the fact that it looks drastically different now than it did before Boobay blew it up. Ash has similar difficulty remembering her experiment and her partner, although she does remember what a storycatcher is, as Carter takes a second to point out that she has one in her pocket. Obviously, the storycatchers are the cause of this memory loss thing. Way to go, Tess. Way to plug into people's brains and then scramble them for the sake of a stupid time capsule. That's worth it.

Carter meets Allison in her office even though they had only ninety minutes to vacate GD before and now enough time has gone by for Henry to check Boobay and Ash out at the off-site infirmary and tell Allison they're suffering from selective memory loss. I would have left the building by now and conducted my business elsewhere, but not Allison and Carter! Allison suggests some reasons for Ash and Boobay to have the same memory problems at the same time (none of which are the memory devices in their pockets, so whatever) as Kinison walks in and says all the humans are out of GD, as he found Fargo in Tess's lab and told him to leave. He didn't then check to make sure Fargo left, but whatever. It's not like it's that important to be thorough with this or anything. Allison wonders what Fargo could possibly be doing in Tess's lab, but Carter has an idea. He tells Kinison to halt the sonic cleaning while he and Allison go down to Tess's lab.

In the lab, Carter says he thinks the storycatchers have something to do with Ash and Boobay's memory loss. Allison doubts this very much, because she's useless. She says the link between the brain and the storycatcher copies the memory into the "storynest" on Tess's computer. It doesn't, as Carter suggests, erase them from the brain. Idea abandoned, Carter puts the halo on to look at some memories from other townspeople even though that's a gross invasion of their privacy. As he's doing that, the door to Tess's lab closes and sirens go off. A computer voice announces that the sonic cleaning is about to start. Allison goes to hit the fail-safe to turn it off again. Of course, it doesn't work. And they have sixty minutes before the sonic cleaning process turns them into puddles of goo.

Carter and Allison spent the commercial break trying to open the lab door or call people, but to no avail. The door is locked tight and there's no one left in GD to call and the cell phone signal won't extend past Section 5 to call anyone outside because of "security issues." So anyone and everyone can get into Section 5 and mess with other people's work, but no cell phone calls may go out? Clever. Meanwhile, they only have fifty minutes before goo time. The only chance they have to contact anyone now, Allison says, is if the fail-safe sends the emergency signal to Kinison. Considering the fact that the fail-safe didn't work in the first place, I have my doubts.

But I was wrong! At Café Diem, Kinison's little PDA beeps to life with what has to be an emergency signal. He sees a "system alert!" on it, but has no idea what it means. Whoops! Meanwhile, Zoe tells Jo her soup will be right up even though we just saw Jo eating a bowl of something else in the last scene at Café Diem. Someone has the munchies! Or not, as Jo has no recollection of ordering any soup. Henry walks in, fully recovered from his heartbreak last week, and Zoe informs him that she still feels inadequate. Everyone else in town has done exceptional things, while she's just made mistakes. Wait -- doesn't she have classmates and stuff? Surely they're having the same problem with the storycatchers as Zoe is. Or not, since Zoe never goes to school anymore. Henry says "mistakes make exceptional possible." Someone should have told Fargo that instead of being mean to him before. As an example of this, Henry stares at his memory ball and has a flashback to the pilot episode, when his attempt to create an anti-gravity machine ended in an explosion. Hey, there's Spencer again! How can these people remember him but not tell us whatever happened to him? It would only take like a sentence. Come on. Anyway, Henry says his machine's failure changed their approach to creating artificial gravity in space travel. And that's exceptional how? Didn't GD abandon its space program back when the ComputerKim (RIP) probe disappeared? Henry spits out a bunch more wise-sounding gobbledygook about the wrong path leading to the right one before saying the only advice that Zoe really needs: "give it time." Because she's 17. It's hard to have a lifetime full of accomplishment at 17 unless you're like an Olympic gymnast or a Disney TV star. And that's not really the accomplishments you want because then you have the rest of your life to live knowing it's all downhill from there. With that, Vince gives Jo her soup and she still has no idea when she ordered it.

Back at GD, Allison doesn't understand how Kinison could just forget that they were down there. Apparently she's just too pregnant to see the link between Kinison's memory loss and that of Ash and Boobay. Carter points out that Kinison had one of Tess's evil storycatchers and Allison finally figures out that the amnesia is spreading. And they are screwed. Carter goes to try to break the door down, but Allison informs him that that's impossible because it's made from special GD materials that are unbreakable except for sometimes. And this is not one of those times. Frustrated, Carter asks why GD has to overkill everything (like time capsules). "It's supposed to keep us safe!" Allison snaps. Because getting cranky is a great way to solve problems. Carter and Allison settle down and Carter decides to try to figure out what Fargo was doing in Tess's lab. I'd be all about using the little time I had left to find a way out, but not Carter! I guess it's because he knows that if Fargo was involved, then he must have done something to put them in this situation in the first place. If only Carter hadn't said that to Fargo earlier in the episode he and Allison wouldn't be in the trouble they are now.

Carter puts the halo on and asks it to show him memories of Fargo. He only gets one and it's not even a real memory. It's a dream Jo once had that the entire town got to share with her. And Stark is in it! And he's in a swordfight. With Fargo. Who then rescues Jo from Stark. I really want to know who in town contributed that memory. I guess it's Fargo, but how lame. Of all the memories of this town and the things he accomplished in it, the only thing he wants to preserve for the rest of time is someone else's dream of him? Not the awesome computer house that only malfunctioned a few times? Anyway, Carter is horrified when the dream ends with Fargo kissing his POV, then wonders where the rest of the Fargo memories are. He was expecting there to be much more of him screwing up and pushing buttons and causing disasters. Because

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