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Memory Lame
those are things we like to remember forever: other people's screw-ups that almost kill us and the rest of the West Coast. Allison realizes that someone deleted dozens of files from the memory mainframe -- and did so while people's brains were still connected to their little memory balls. Which means that as Fargo deleted the memory files, he also deleted people's memories. Thus, the sudden memory problems people seem to be having. The good news is that this gives Allison an idea of a way to use the mainframe to get into people's heads and call for help. The bad news is that she forgets what that idea was before she has chance to carry it out. The computer voice chimes in to warn Carter and Allison that they only have thirty minutes to get out of GD, and Allison acts like she's hearing about this for the first time. Amnesia is only fun when the stuff you forget is good news.

After the break, Carter has wasted precious time explaining and re-explaining their dire situation to Allison. It's no use. When the computer comes on again to warn Carter and Allison about the sonic sterilization, she's just as alarmed as she was before the break. But Carter doesn't give up on trying to get her to use the neural net to contact the outside world. Not even when Allison doesn't remember that she's the head of GD or that she was even pregnant. She's probably also forgotten about Kevin, but that happened like two years ago so it's not Tess's fault. Allison insists that she hasn't forgotten a thing despite the rather ample evidence, so Carter convinces her to put the halo on and look at some of her missing memories. Of them. I would be asking the halo to show me missing memories of how to use the neural net to call for help, personally, but okay. We get a montage of Allison and Carter's moments together back when they had chemistry, including that really uncomfortable scene where Allison and Carter were stuck to each other and Carter got an erection. Anyway, it doesn't do much for Allison, who still can't remember Carter's name after all the memories. But her lack of memory does jog Carter's that there's a pager sitting in Cafe Diem that can receive a signal from anywhere -- even through the tons of concrete and metal and whatever else is blocking Section 5 from the outside world. Somehow, Allison remembers it, too, even though she didn't remember who Carter was. Weird. She hands her pager over to Carter so he can try to signal his.

The pager goes off at Café Diem, where no one has any memory anymore except for Zoe, who doesn't seem to realize that something is very, very wrong. She can't stand hearing the pager go off anymore and grabs it, reading the message "911 trapped in S5 L511 help." Is that the best Carter could do? My plea for help would be much more urgent and specific. Zoe has no idea what the message means, but Tess is around to interpret it for her, thanks to the fact that her memory is still intact. It takes a while for Tess and Zoe to realize that Carter and Allison are trapped in Tess's lab, but that's still better than how long it took them to realize that they were surrounded by amnesiacs. When they try to get Jo, Fargo, Henry, and Kinison to help, all four of them have no idea what or who they're talking about. Tess and Zoe run off to save the day while Jo giggles at the counter.

I have to admire the continuity of the GD exterior shot. Ever since the helicopter was swept away by the fifth dimension, it's been absent. Anyway, Carter and Allison only have twenty minutes left and have to hope that someone with a memory will see the distress call on the pager. Allison says that the memory watching actually did have an effect on her after all, and Carter says that maybe if she sees the memories that have the most emotional impact on her, it'll jog the rest of her memories. This is just an excuse for a bunch of Stark flashbacks! Hooray! Except I want to know who contributed some of their more intimate moments and a shared dream where they're making out to the storynest. Oh, and there's the memory of Carter telling Allison that Stark was dead. Boooo! Anyway, it seems to do the trick and now Allison remembers how crappy her life kind of is. But she only has fifteen minutes to figure out a way out of GD. Shouldn't be a problem now that the whole amnesia thing is out of the way, right? Wrong -- guess who just went into labor! Although this really shouldn't be too much of a hinderance since her labor has just started so her contractions will be pretty far apart still, right?

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