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Memory Lame
getting everything? She's not all that resourceful from what I've seen so far. Fargo wakes up and says he can only wish to forget his newest memory of his boss's deal. "We will pretend that you did," Allison says. How about firing him for being so horrified at a glimpse of your lady parts? It's kind of insulting.

Carter finally asks Zoe if she's okay after delivering a freaking baby pretty much all by herself. Zoe smiles and says she is -- she just found her path in life. Okay, Zoe, but remember: being an OB/GYN isn't just about delivering babies. You have to look at old lady vaginas, too. I'm so sorry I just typed that. Tess comments that her time capsule project appears to be ruined. Carter says when she gets it back online, he has a memory for it: this, right now. Which is nice and all, but I can't imagine how the people who watch it years from now will really find it all that informative.

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