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Global Dynamics Hates the Law

After the break, someone who looks like Julia is just waking up ... in GD jail! Henry and Allison think it's the real Julia, but she denies it, saying that she's really Jo. And since we all know that she is, let's all feel violated for poor Jo, whose clothes were removed and replaced with Julia's clothes while she was asleep. Although I guess it wasn't anything Julia hadn't seen before when she was parading around in Jo's body, but still. Icky. Julia-as-Jo appears next to Allison and Henry, at which point Jo-as-Julia realizes that she's in Julia's body. And for the sake of simplicity, I'm just going to call Julia-in-Jo's body "Jo" and Jo-in-Julia's-body "Julia." Anyway, "Julia" is pissed off to no end right now, and when she tries to explain what happened, Henry and Allison fold their arms and look disappointed and disbelieving, like, if they're already operating on the theory that Julia stole Jo's body once, why is it so hard for them to believe that she's doing it right now and that she put Jo into Julia's body? What explanation did the fake Jo give for why "Julia" was unconscious? And why didn't the real Jo tell someone about her theory and/or call for back-up when she confronted Julia in the first place! Well, I guess she's regretting that one now. "That's what Jo said you would say," Henry says. That still isn't a good reason not to believe "Julia," Henry.

"Julia" tries to prove that she's Jo by listing off a bunch of facts about Jo, all of which are a matter of public record, so, way to not know any intimate details about yourself there, Jo. "Jo" remains calm and simply turns off the speaker so "Julia" can't say anything else. She can still hear Allison, who says they're going to keep "Julia" in GD jail until they do a psych work-up and redact her ass out of town, essentially ruining the real Jo's life. With that, Allison and Henry just leave. What's up with them being perfectly content to stick people who clearly don't deserve it in jail for long periods of time this week? First Larry, and now what is obviously Jo in Julia's body! They are both useless. "Jo" stays behind to tell "Julia" how sorry she is for taking over her life like this, which rings hollow when you consider the fact that she's still doing it and has no intention of stopping any time soon. Also, she swapped Jo's body for hers even though she knew that the body-swapping process made DNA destabilize, so that's pretty much attempted murder. I don't think you can really apologize for attempted murder. Not to mention the fact that she stole Larry's chance to participate in karaoke night. Unforgivable.

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