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Global Dynamics Hates the Law

Carter sits on his platform and yells that he can't push the button and that this test is impossible. He wonders if that's the answer -- there is no solution. He takes the panic button out of his pocket, ready to give up, and that's when he realizes that its size and weight will make it the perfect projectile to throw at the red button. And it only took him 40 hours to do it! Carter really is dumb, huh? And yet, even he would have figured out that the Julia in GD jail is actually Jo. Anyway, the panic button hits the red button, and Carter pumps his fists in triumph and prematurely declares his dominance over the test. At this point, the lights turn off and we can assume that all hell breaks loose on poor Carter.

"Jo" is at the firing range, looking not at all upset about ruining an innocent woman's life while she takes out a mannequin. In fact, she's downright joyous. No remorse there! Fargo watches and waits for a lull in the action to ask "Jo" about the mixed signals she's been giving him lately. "Jo" assures him that won't happen again, now that she knows what she wants out of life, who she wants to be, and who she wants to be with. She then renders who she wants to be with deaf when she fires off another shot before he can put his ear muffs back on. Fargo recovers and asks her who she wants to be with. "Jo" steps up to kiss him, but he backs off and looks away, which is convenient since "Jo's" face takes that instant to get all wavy as her DNA apparently does some more destabilizing. Fargo says he doesn't know if he knows who Jo really is, but he's looking forward to finding out. "Jo's" face distorts again.

And look who came to save the day! That's right, it's Zane. He shows up at GD Jail to lecture "Julia" on what she did to his girlfriend. "Julia" insists that she's the real Jo, and can prove it by answering a personal question that only Jo would know. Why couldn't she have asked Allison or Henry to do that? Why didn't they think to try? Anyway, Zane asks for Jo's pet peeves. "Small guns, big egos and overly critical boyfriends," "Julia" says. Okay, so that's three reasons why Zane is a terrible match for her. "Boxers or briefs?" Zane asks. Ew, really? I prefer not to think that Jo is having sex with Zane. She's so much better than that. "Julia" says that Zane wears boxers except on laundry day when he apparently goes commando. That's another thing I really didn't need to know. When she can recite everything about their first date, Zane is convinced that "Julia" is really his girlfriend. He enters the GD jail cell so they can waste precious time making out, and when "Julia" threatens to taser Zane for making out with another woman('s body), he's absolutely certain that it's Jo. But then "Julia's" face goes all distorted like "Jo's. "

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