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Global Dynamics Hates the Law

Some time later, "Jo" has figured out a way to hopefully return everyone's DNA to the way it used to be before she dies. They can only test it out on one person at a time, and "Jo" insists that "Julia" go first, even though her condition is more critical and she may not survive the wait. "Julia" is more than happy to move to the front of the line, and they turn the machine on. "Julia's" vitals get worse and a whole bunch of machines explode in a shower of sparks, but soon she's morphing back into her real body and Stefano is able to confirm that her DNA is stable again. The real Jo asks Zane how she looks. "Perfect," Zane says. But he doesn't really mean that, and we all know it. Allison turns to "Jo" and says "you've just done a very brave thing." Um, WHAT? How? Of course she wanted "Julia" to go before her -- that way, if there was anything wrong with the machine, "Julia" would die and she'd be able to fix the mistakes and survive. "Jo" is evil and crazy! But she Learned Her Lesson, as she says that if she was really brave, she would have kept the DNA she was born with in the first place. Oh, whatever. In a split-screen, Jo and "Jo" face each other. "Thanks," "Jo" says. For what? Not kicking your ass? Being such an easy target for body-swappery? "It's okay," Jo says. No, it's not! And how can they run the machines to get Julia back into her own body when they all just blew up?

But I guess they did, since the next time we see her, Julia is back to being Julia and she's in Allison's office with Fargo and Henry. Allison says that she talked to the Ethics Committee, and they still want to have a hearing. "Of course," Julia says. Hell yeah, of course! Julia almost killed a police officer out of petty jealousy! These things must be punished. Once again, Julia apologizes and claims she feels awful about everything. Except she said that once before, and then knocked Jo out and ran down to the gun range and laughed and enjoyed the hell out of life so I don't believe it one bit. Allison then says that Julia will not be redacted after all, because of the incredible advances she made in the field of DNA transfiguration and because she saved Jo's life. She's also the reason why it needed saving in the first place, but I guess no cares about that. [No, just results. - Z] Fargo is overjoyed that his crazy girlfriend got just a slap on the wrist. Yeah, let's see how he feels when he dumps her and she alters his DNA to give him ten heads and no legs as revenge. Anyway, with that plotline finished, Fargo and Julia take off so that Allison can tell Henry that she decided the DNA security system wasn't ready to introduce to Eureka after all, even though it didn't do anything wrong in this whole mess and actually saved Jo and Julia by being able to locate Fargo and do whatever they needed to make the transfiguration process work. So, basically, she's rewarded crazy evil Julia and punished well-meaning Dr. Stefano. Great job, Allison. [Seriously, why are they making a point of saying that? Do they not want the DNA security system around to cause plotlines to make even less sense in the future? - Z]

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