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Global Dynamics Hates the Law

As for Carter, he's stuck in a big white room with a red button on the far wall. "Push the button," a robotic voice commands. Carter stupidly thinks that's all that's to this test, and so is surprised when the entire floor falls away except for the small square he's standing on. He looks down to see the floor descending several stories downwards. That sucks.

Jo pulls a Carter and heads straight for Henry's garage for help. She calls the genome spectrometer a "thingee," and so Henry laughs at her because he's kind of a dick this week. Jo blames her inability to remember the name of the device on the fact that she almost died like ten minutes ago and asks what someone could use a genome spectrometer for. Henry vaguely says it has a lot of uses before revealing that his intramuscular electrode array has also gone missing. Well, good. Why would he even have one of those? Henry is creepy. Jo asks Henry to figure out a link between the two missing devices while she compiles a list of people with access to Dr. Stefano's lab. Is it too much to hope for that this has something to do with Stark coming back to life? I know -- it is. Sigh. Before Jo can do her job, though, she's paged to Carter's house to help Zoe with her homework, which somehow takes precedence over the safety of the entire town. Even though, at 17, Zoe is perfectly capable of doing her homework without assistance.

Shockingly, Jo has no idea how to help Zoe with her advanced math and/or physics homework. Why did Zoe think she would? Jo pitifully asks if perhaps SARAH can't help her out, to which SARAH snottily replies that cheating isn't part of her programming. No, but robot murder and almost causing the west coast to be sucked into a giant black hole is, and everyone is cool with that. Why? Where are the repercussions? I don't want anything bad to happen to SARAH, but they could have at least said something about tweaking her programming last week! Zoe decides that she'd much rather participate in karaoke night at Café Diem than do her homework, but Jo is wise to Zoe's attempts to get one over on the baby-sitter and says there's no way Carter would approve of Zoe going out on a school night. Zoe says Lexi would let her go if she wasn't on some convenient excuse to not have her on this week that I FULLY SUPPORT, by the way. Jo says she's tired and has a headache, so she doesn't want to hear it from Zoe right now.

Back at GD, Carter decides that there's no way the floor could just disappear, even though the way it sank down into the ground looked perfectly reasonable to me. He puts his hand on the open space and, sure enough, there's solid ground where air should be. Carter figures it's just a hologram and confidently walks towards the button on the wall. He takes two steps and falls through space. Oh, shit. Carter's dead. I saw how far down the floor was -- fifty feet at least. There's no chance of survival. Tragic.

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