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Global Dynamics Hates the Law

Carter's alive! He may have fallen over fifty feet, but somehow he survived unscathed and has managed to climb back up to the platform. "You can use the panic button at any time to end the test," the voice says. Carter refuses to quit and expose himself to relentless mockery from Jo. If only he knew that she was crazy now, he wouldn't have to worry! A podium rises up from Carter's platform and reveals a deck of cards. The robotic voice says they'll help Carter, so maybe it might have been nice to give them to him before he fell off the platform to certain doom? He flicks one towards the button, but it's too light to actually push it. What it does do is fall to ground -- revealing that some parts of the open space are actually invisible platforms. Carter starts flinging cards left and right to find them.

Zoe has disobeyed orders and gone to Café Diem, unable to resist the siren song of karaoke, which is sung better than you'd expect but never as good as the original siren song. Somehow, this show got the rights to "Don't You (Forget About Me)," so Zoe is singing that while a holographic band backs her up. Jo arrives, wielding an impossibly large weapon, and Zoe shits herself. But when she apologizes to Jo for disobeying her, Jo just says that Zoe did a great job and she has no intention of telling on Zoe to her father. Zoe loves the new Jo! Jo takes a seat next to Fargo and orders "a double" of her usual, which surprises Vince. "I'm off-duty," she explains to Fargo. Not really, though, since she's armed and still in uniform. Fargo asks if Jo's here to sing, and Zoe runs up and encourages them to do a duet, dragging Fargo off before Jo can say no. See? Even Zoe knows that Jo shouldn't be with Zane and is trying to fix her up with Fargo instead. Vince arrives with her beverage, and Jo downs it in one gulp before expressing shock that it wasn't the espresso she was expecting. First of all, why would she say she was off-duty if she was just ordering an espresso? And second, why on earth would she down what she thought was a double espresso in one gulp like that? Vince says it's ouzo -- Jo's usual. What a gross usual to have. But Jo seems to like it, and orders another.

Now drunk on ouzo and wearing a stunning red dress, Jo is singing "Makin' Whoopee" while Fargo accompanies her on the piano. What happened to their duet? Fargo likes to sing. Remember second season, when Carter blackmailed him for information by threatening to expose his American Idol audition video? Oh well, I won't complain too much, since I am getting a kick out of seeing Jo like this. Zane walks in to see Jo take a seat on the piano and crawl towards a terrified/thrilled Fargo. Vince just sings along. Does he have a thing for Fargo? It must be hard to be the only gay man in town. Zane, on the other hand, has gone from enjoying Jo's song to disapproving of her antics, especially when she ends the song by making out with Fargo in front of the mostly horrified audience. They applaud anyway, and Jo leaves the stage for her confrontation with Zane, who asks, "What the hell was that?" "The most fun I think I've ever had!" Jo says. I like the new Jo, mostly because I don't like the current Zane. He decides that Jo's had enough fun for tonight and starts to usher her out, but Jo says she'll leave on her own. She does, leaving Zane behind to feel like a chump. Ha!

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