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Global Dynamics Hates the Law

The next morning, Zoe wakes Jo up from her bed on the couch. Jo has a splitting headache, but Zoe says that's to be expected after she got wasted at Café Diem. Jo has no idea what she's talking about, which only tells Zoe that she was really, really wasted. Not only that, but Jo is also angry at Zoe for going to karaoke night after Jo told her not to. "You said it was cool," Zoe says. "Actually, she forbade it!" SARAH chimes in. Jo says she took a nap and then slept for the rest of the night -- she's been in bed since before 8 o'clock and has no idea what Zoe is talking about when she says Jo sang and made out with Fargo. Did Jo go to college? Because if she did, this scenario would probably be familiar to her. Fargo shows up at the front door, much to Jo's surprise. Zoe is not surprised, of course, and is loving every minute of this. Fargo asks to speak with Jo alone, but Jo decides she'd rather have a witness and Zoe is happy to stick around. Watching awkward morning-after conversations > going to school. "Your kiss moved my soul, and I don't care who knows," Fargo blurts out, offering Jo a bouquet of gross wildflowers from behind his back. Seriously, he couldn't find a GD scientist who created never-dying roses that come in red and orange stripes? Jo responds with a chuckle and says she appreciates the attempt at a practical joke, but she has a lot of work to do. "I've been through my fair share of physical traumas in the last 24 hours and kissing Fargo wasn't one of them," Jo says cruelly. Zoe gets a look on her face like, "Shit, Jo, that was mean. But how awesome that I get to see all this drama!" while Fargo offers up a simple wounded "Ouch." Jo leaves for work, and Zoe suggests -- with perfect delivery -- that if Fargo can't give the bouquet to Jo, she'll take it off his hands. I love Zoe.

Meanwhile, it's been an entire night and all Carter has managed to accomplish is throw his deck of cards out to reveal four invisible platforms, which would have take me all of five minutes at most. Also, how has he been eating, drinking, and using the bathroom this entire time? It makes no sense. He gingerly steps onto the platforms, only to find that the last one is just a little bit too far away for him to be able to reach out and push the button. "Now what?" he asks himself. Another podium rises up out of the platform and reveals a bunch of straws. "You gotta be kidding me!" Carter yells. No, the robot voice is not kidding. She tells Carter he has all the tools necessary to complete the test.

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