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Global Dynamics Hates the Law

Jo arrives at the station to find Larry still incarcerated. She asks him why he's there, which earns her a stream of abuse from a justifiably angry Larry. Jo just assumes that the problem is Larry's and not hers, even though this is the third person to say she did something last night that she doesn't remember doing. And here's a fourth -- it's Zane, who did not see fit to shave this morning. He wants an apology from Jo for her actions last night. Larry hears what happened and totally regrets being arrested and missing out on the Café Diem excitement. Once again, Jo thinks everyone is playing a joke on her and doesn't take Zane's accusations seriously. Zane decides that it's perfectly normal for Jo to deny an entire night of activity and leaves, saying he can't talk to her anymore. You know, if my boyfriend did some weird out-of-character stuff and then had no idea what I was talking about when I confronted him about it the next morning, I'd be concerned or at least ask a few follow-up questions. But not Zane! That's because he's a dick. Jo opens the cell door, and Larry sprints away. Jo gets all of one second to herself before Allison is calling and requesting her presence at GD, where there's another problem. It really seems like the police's only job in this town is to be at Allison's beck and call.

At GD, Jo meets with Allison and Dr. Stefano. Allison says that some kind of plasma used for skin treatments was stolen from the infirmary last night. Jo says she'll start investigating, but Allison says that's not necessary -- they know who stole it, thanks to Dr. Stefano's DNA monitoring system, which he fortunately got to work again last night. Jo is thrilled at how easy her job just became -- until Allison shows her that the DNA that was in the infirmary last night belongs to Jo.

After the break, Allison and Jo are up in Allison's office with Henry, because apparently this is the mayor's job. You know, before Henry became the mayor, the mayor didn't do anything. Weird, huh? Jo denies being in the infirmary last night, but both Henry and Allison think she was, and are ready to blame her behavior on the frying she took from Dr. Stefano's machine. Isn't it also possible, though, that Dr. Stefano's machine malfunctioned when it said Jo's DNA was in the infirmary? You'd think Henry the anti-DNA scanner would have considered this at the very least. Allison also cites Jo's actions at Café Diem as further proof of her bizarre behavior, but Jo once again denies that ever happened, saying she took a nap at the Carters' and didn't wake up until the next morning. Allison insists that she and Henry both saw Jo arrest Larry last night, and Jo finally starts to entertain the notion that there could be something wrong with her. She wonders if it's the side effects she was warned about after her re-certification test, but doesn't know what would cause the side effect of stealing a bunch of equipment without knowing it. Allison says that Jo kissed Fargo, so anything is possible. Jo insists that she's okay to continue her investigation, despite all the evidence to the contrary, and tells Henry to keep trying to figure out what the stolen stuff has in common. Allison doesn't think it's a good idea to let Jo back out on the streets, but Henry thinks she'll be fine, because he hates this town and everyone in it. Allison gives in to Henry's illogic.

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