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Global Dynamics Hates the Law

Carter has been given just enough straws to make a flimsy pole that can't reach the button and bends in on itself when he tries to make it. Julia the assistant is watching him suffer when Jo enters, asking if she can talk to Carter. What! Why would she tell Allison and Henry that she's perfectly capable of investigating the thefts that she herself might have committed and then go running to Carter like that? What happened to Jo's confidence? It's because she's dating Zane, I'll bet. Julia says the rules state that Carter can have no outside contact during his test. Carter, meanwhile, has lost his straw pole and is moaning about how much this test sucks. "I've gotta go back to the beginning," he tells himself. The advice seems to work for Jo, too.

She and Allison head for Dr. Stefano's lab. Jo asks him if his system could have been compromised when the spectrometer was stolen, and Stefano says no way -- his system, which he is under enormous pressure to complete and perfect in very little time -- works perfectly! Jo says that's funny, since it said her DNA was in the infirmary when she was sleeping at the Carters'. "I heard you were Frenching Fargo," Stefano smirks. Wow, word really does get around in Eureka. Jo denies that was her, and now she actually has proof: SARAH confirmed that Jo was sleeping in the living room all night. Okay, but who trusts her? She committed two counts of robocide last week! Stefano trusts his system over SARAH, but Allison does not, and demands that he show them the DNA readings of the person in the infirmary and the person sleeping at the Carters' last night. Stefano makes a "busted!" face and says that there was a little teeny-tiny anomaly he couldn't explain when Jo's DNA was scanned, but instead of trying to figure out what was going on, he decided to just keep going with the beta testing so he didn't lose his funding. Jo asks what the anomaly was, and Stefano says that she had two DNA signatures. He thought it was just a glitch, and yet still thought it would be a good idea to use one of the two DNA signatures to accuse Jo of a crime. [What they really need is a security system that lets them know when a scientist is exhibiting poor judgment. - Zach]

Jo dashes through GD. Fargo catches up to her in the lobby. She thanks him for a memorable night, which is the wrong word to use since she acted like she forgot all about it a few hours ago, as Fargo points out. Jo blames it on a sleeping pill she took that made her "a bit out of sorts." I'll say! You know what's a bad idea? Taking sleeping pills and drinking a lot. Fargo wants to talk to Jo, but she says she has to go and offers to meet him later at the target range for a talk instead. Fargo assumes this is a date, and Jo doesn't disabuse him of that notion as she runs for the elevator. The doors close just as Zane is running to try to talk to her. Ha ha! Since Jo is gone, Zane turns around and sees Fargo and starts towards him. Fargo assumes he's about to get beaten up for stealing Zane's girlfriend and prepares for battle. "You wanna dance? Let's dance!" he says, showing off the martial arts moves he claims to have learned in tenth grade. Damn. My school barely taught us volleyball, let alone exotic martial arts. Meanwhile, a GD security guard watches this all and decides there's no need to intervene. But Zane doesn't want to fight -- he's worried about Jo's erratic behavior, and asks if Fargo noticed anything odd when he just spoke to her. Fargo says she asked him out. Zane finds Fargo so unthreatening to his relationship with Jo that he doesn't get angry, just says it proves that she's been acting strangely. That's kind of insulting to Fargo, but he just says that he felt a real connection with Jo and thinks her feelings for him are sincere.

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