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A Mountain Town

Irv comes clean about the separation, telling Patch he moved out of the house a month ago and has been sleeping on the couch at his office. He tries to go on to tell him that he's made good progress on his book, but Patch interrupts, asking if they've tried working it through. Irv looks for sympathy, saying, "You know how she is."

But Patch is having none of it. "Well, I know old she is. Both of you! Time has washed you clean of function. Good Lord and butter, how many more times do you think you can fall in love?" We only get, like, one second to laugh at Patch's joke at the expense of the elderly when Irv hits us with the one-two punch. "Maybe we don't get any more love in life. Maybe we do. I just know I'm the one that walked out, and she's not much of a forgiver."

Forgoing sympathy, Patch tries empathy, agreeing that his mother would rather give a kidney to a stranger than grant a loved one a second chance. Irv tells him he's sad about it, but he's preparing himself to move on.

Meanwhile, Ephram and his dad have arrived in New York and are crossing the city in a cab. I'd like to tell you what they said in the first minute of the ride, but the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Rockdale, Georgia (which is not exactly near me at all) and so most of this scene sounds like "EEEERGG! RREEEERRG! EEERRRRG!" Don't go back to Rockdale.

I can lip-read enough to see that Treat is looking pensive and Ephram is telling him he'll be all right with his memories. Ephram looks very excited to be in the city, and Treat looks happy to be with his son. It's sweet, except for the ear-piercing siren on my TV.

Walking down Fifth Avenue, Treat starts to get crazy, babbling about the greatness of New York. He asks Ephram why they ever left the city. "Well," Ephram says, "you put us in a car and forced us." Treat is so high on life, he laughs and asks if it would be touristy to get a pretzel. Ephram: "Only if you pay more than a dollar." Is that true? ["What this show doesn't know about New York City is a lot, but this is more or less true." -- Sars]

Treat is going on and on. New York City is his natural habitat, and he loves it so much he nearly gets killed celebrating his love by walking out in front of a cab. Laughing again, he asks Ephram if he seems manic. Ephram says no, he's glad his dad is happy, as he's been depressed far too long. Treat is surprised by this. "Yeah," Ephram says. "Your girlfriend's boyfriend just came out of a coma. Trust me, I'm like, the one guy on earth who can totally relate." Haaaa! What a thing for a father and son to have in common. Treat answers, amazingly, that he's "forgotten all that." He says he's given all that drama up until he's back in Everwood, which may be never. He continues his hopped-up talk, trying to convince Ephram to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center, since he never got to take him as a kid. Ephram has to get ready for his audition, though, so they make plans for later.

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