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A Mountain Town

Ephram calls Amy after practicing the crap out of Haydn. He tells her that he ran into Madison on the street, and that it was weird, because he realized he has no lingering feelings for her at all. Amy tries to seem cool with it, and says she hopes their planned meeting won't throw off his audition. Then, she goes the extra mile up Ridiculous Mountain, and says "tell her I say hi." Please, girl. They get schmoopy and say goodnight, Amy trying to find something better to say than "I love you." She can't. They both say it, as well as good night, and plan to talk after his audition.

In some coffee shop, Treat waits alone. Madison arrives, looking for all the world like the Bucky of old. She cuts Treat off as he tries to start in on his talk. "Save it. I listened to you once, and it was a mistake. I spent the last year regretting the fact that I didn't tell Ephram the truth. I'm not going to make that mistake again." Instead of smacking her down, Treat says, "I know. I want you to tell him." He goes on to say that he's spent every day for a year ashamed of himself for sending her away like he did and wondering what she decided to do with the baby. She interrupts again, saying, "I'm not going to tell you what I did." Treat continues to flagellate himself, pathetically, saying he doesn't even deserve to know. Madison rubs it in, saying he doesn't even get it -- that she was broke and pregnant, and didn't have anyone but Treat to trust, and that he sent her away thinking his money would make it all better. Well, damn, Madison. Didn't it? Ain't nobody heard from your ass in a year! But, no, Treat does not call her on it, just goes on agreeing with her, saying he thought he was trying to protect Ephram, but all he did was put more lies between them. Madison repeats pretty much the same lines she just delivered, and they are essentially arguing the same point: that Treat did the wrong thing. Whatever. I disagree. The only thing he should have done differently was have Madison arrested, and then lock Ephram in a bell tower for a year for being so dumb as to have unprotected sex -- or any sex at all -- with his babysitter. Treat tries to find meaning in the situation, saying he thinks Fate has a plan for them, and that all of his previous instincts and intentions were wrong. He hopes Madison's intentions, whatever they are, are better. "Tell him everything," Treat says. "I plan to," Madison answers. "THAT'S WHAT HE JUST SAID," I scream.

At the Abbott house, Bright comes into Amy's room bearing a package of bagels Ephram has mailed. "Does he ever run out of ways to be your bitch?" Hee. The box has a note from Ephram reading "you promised." I guess that's about the lox. They talk about Bright's apology rampage. He says most of them were grateful -- one girl even told him he should call her, prompting him to crack, "You'd think they'd learn." Ha! Of course, you'd think he'd learn, too.

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