Best Laid Plans

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Best Laid Plans

Bright's place of employment. Hannah arrives to get a good look at her man, and asks if she can fill out an application. Bright says he has to do a few things first, and tells Hannah that he can teach her some restaurant lingo to help her on her interview. He shows her how pouring the old ketchup into newer bottles is called "marrying the ketchups." Hannah: "There must be a lot of inbreeding, huh?" Heh. Bright doesn't get it, and Hannah has to explain. Oh, Bright. He tells her he likes it, that she has "that Ephram smart-thing" going on. Then he asks her to a movie. Ooh! Hannah is happy. Bright is so going to break her heart.

Cut to the Brown House. Nina knocks and lets herself in. Treat is in the kitchen, and he tells her that she is looking at one hell of a father-son communicator. Nina says that's great, and that it sounds like a good reason for a night on the town. Aw, yay! She asks him to go to a new tapas place that just opened, and says she's made a reservation already. Treat is surprised at this, but takes it in casual, friendly, platonic stride. Nina is happy. Treat is so going to break her heart.

Ephram and Amy are washing Ephram's old beater. I mean, why? Really. Anyway, Amy tells Ephram about the conversation with her dad. Ephram says, "Edna." Amy responds, "Ew? I bring up sex, and you bring up my grandma?" Ephram tells her about the STD test, and says Edna must have told Patch, who told Treat, and the world is conspiring against them. Amy doesn't seem to care about that, and just gets upset that Ephram had the test done without discussing it with her, and says if they can't talk about things like that, then maybe they're not ready for sex in the first place. Ephram argues that it wasn't like that, and he did it for them. He just didn't tell her about it. Amy ain't going out like that, and walks off. And, commercials.

We come back to Ephram berating his dad for giving him a load of crap. Treat says it most certainly was not a load of crap, and that, yes, he knew about the STD test, but everything he said was still true. Ephram: "You know, most of the time, you say the stupidest crap, which really pisses me off, but every once in a while, you actually say something that makes sense. I was actually thinking about taking your advice." Treat says it still doesn't change anything that he knew about the doctor's appointment. Ephram says it does, because the advice came from a false place, motivated by something he doesn't even get. Treat asks what he doesn't get. Ephram wants to know why Treat even cares about him having sex with Amy, when he already knew about his having sex with Madison. Try to get out of this one, Treat. He tries to tell Ephram that, with him and Amy, it's much more serious. Ephram won't have it. Just then, Nina arrives for their fun date. As she walks in the door, Ephram yells, "If I want to have sex, I'm gonna have sex. And I'm not gonna talk to you about it." After he stalks out of the room, Nina says, "I'll just cancel that reservation." Why? Why can't you still go? It's not like Treat and Ephram are still yelling at each other. No fair.

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