Best Laid Plans

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Best Laid Plans

Cut to Nina's. Hannah is on her bed, crying and writing furiously in her journal. Hee. Sorry, it's not funny. Nina comes in and asks what's wrong. Hannah says she thinks it's real stupid when people tell you to put yourself out there, and really risk something, because it's not true that it ever works out. "And personally, I think it is a very bad idea. Unwise." She says she can't believe she told "him" she liked him, because he doesn't like her back, and now she looks like an enormous idiot. Nina says she does not, and she's actually incredibly brave. "It takes guts to tell someone you like them. And you know what? It almost doesn't matter what they say back. Just the fact that you had the courage to say it means that you are the kind of girl that gets the guy. Not all the guys, but the right guy." I wish Nina were MY stand-in guardian! Hannah says it was fun to think about him, and she liked liking him. Nina votes they skip dinner that night and go straight to dessert. Hannah says she likes that idea. Nina says she almost forgot, someone left something by the door for her. It's a four-pack of baby ketchups. Aw, Bright! Hannah gets all happy. "Ketchup children!" There's a note. Hannah opens it, and it reads, "I'm sorry!" Beautiful.

Abbott House. Treat is there, and he remarks that Patch's crumpets are delicious. Hee. Patch says they should devise a plan whereby at no time are Amy and Ephram unsupervised, or maybe they should send one of them away. Treat says those are bad plans, and hey, they're teenagers. There's a good chance they'll screw the relationship up before they even get to sex. Patch: "Here's to praying!" They cheers their teacups. Rose walks in just then, and Patch implores her to never leave him alone again. They hug and kiss and start to talk, and Treat looks on longingly. Rose and Patch invite him to dinner, but Treat declines, and he leaves, alone. Alone alone alone. Did I mention he's alone? ALONE.

Amy and Ephram walk in downtown Everwood that night. Ephram says he has something for her, and asks her to pick a pocket. Amy picks his left one. She hands him a piece of paper. Amy opens it, and it's a romantic letter from the lab tech. "Test results." Ephram says he wanted to make it as nice as possible, with the pretty street and the starry night and whatnot. Amy is happy that he's clean. Ephram says that wasn't supposed to be a surprise. He says that he needs her to know that if they do have sex, it's going to be a big deal for him as well. "I'm not going to take it lightly, because you're not somebody that I take lightly." Amy says she knows, and kisses him. Ephram asks her if she wants to see what was in his other hand, and holds up a gorgeous necklace that I think came from here, and I need not remind you all that someone's birthday is coming up. BERLANTI. Amy loves it, and is super-happy, and Ephram helps her put it on. They hold hands and walk further down the street, laughing and talking, and it's very sweet, and we fade to black.

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