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"If It Weren't For You Meddling Kids!"

Brown House of Flu Patients. Treat is on the couch, getting mothered by Delia, who appears to be much better now. She asks her dad if he needs anything, and he says, "Some grape juice would be nice." Hee. Delia goes off to get it, and Treat calls after her, "Oh, and some more ice for my compress?" Delia sighs that her daddy's such a baby brat. But it's still cute. Ephram comes in and says he's going to pick up some food. Treat stops him, and says that he wanted to apologize. He says he should have trusted Ephram, and let him go to Ezekiel's alone. Ephram says it doesn't matter, because he and Laynie aren't going out anymore. Treat says he's sorry if he wrecked it. Ephram says he did a pretty good job of that all by himself. He says, "Dating pretty much blows, doesn't it?" Treat says, "You know, Ephram, when you meet the right person...nah, it always pretty much blows." Ephram laughs and walks out. Treat switches the TV on, and a newscaster is saying, "You all know how much I love those quirky small-town news stories? Well, here's the best one that's come across the desk in a long time." Treat watches with interest while the newscaster goes on entirely too long about Everwood's crazy, wacky, zany murder mystery. Treat laughs. We go to the credits as the newscaster drones away.

Next week, Treat gets all up in Ephram's grill. It looks like a good one. Anything looks like a good one after this.

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